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Taliban Executes ‘Eight Months Pregnant’ Police Officer

WebdeskSep 06, 2021, 09:27 AM IST

Taliban Executes ‘Eight Months Pregnant’ Police Officer

Banu Negar, who worked in the prison department in the Ashraf Ghani government before it fell on August 15, was tortured before being shot dead by the Taliban.


The Taliban executed a female police officer, Banu Negar, at her home in Firozkoh, the capital of central Ghor Province, on Saturday (September 4). She was killed in a door-to-door execution carried out by the Taliban. She was eight months pregnant. 

Although the Taliban has announced an amnesty for the people who had worked in the previous governments, it looks more like media management. 

“We are aware of the incident and I am confirming that the Taliban have not killed her, our investigation is ongoing,” the Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujaheed was quoted by BBC.  

But local sources confirmed to multiple people that the Taliban gunmen executed the police officer while carrying out door-to-door executions.

The family members of the slain police officer, who were tied up, provided pictures of the mutilated body of Negar. 

Earlier, the Taliban had brutally beaten another police officer, Gulafroz Ebtekar. She, believed to be 34, was a deputy head of criminal investigations in Afghanistan's Interior Ministry and was seen as a role model for Afghan women with a notable media presence.

After capturing Kabul on August 15, the Taliban has started implementing Sharia in the country and have completely barred the participation of women in public life. They have announced that they would strictly implement Sharia in the country. 



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