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Cheers, Accolades for Modi in the US when Biden chips are down

Nirendra Dev

Nirendra DevSep 23, 2021, 10:08 AM IST

Cheers, Accolades for Modi in the US when Biden chips are down
Narendra Modi-Joe Biden

The Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy is landing for twin power centres - Washington and New York at a time when the Democrat President Joe Biden has taken a beating in Afghanistan.


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's love-hate relationship, in a real sense, with America had started in 2007.

In several places, the Gujarati American Associations attracted media attention for keeping an empty seat on the podium during the functions. The idea being - register protest against the then Bush administration over the visa row. Long before blogs came into the lexicon of the Indian neta class, the blog universe overseas, especially in the United States, would hold a no-holds-barred debate on Modi.

In circa 2021, the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy is landing for twin power centres - Washington and New York at a time when the Democrat President Joe Biden has taken a beating in Afghanistan. He is certainly under immense pressure. Biden believes the end of the war in Afghanistan is the beginning of a new chapter. "..... We are opening a new era of relentless diplomacy," he told the UNGA.

Now, let us take the debate into much deeper and detailed issues. The economy looks uncertain, and America's global relationships with various countries look precarious. Hence, some of Biden's assertions sound hollow as the botched up withdrawal from Afghanistan has only forced the US, NATO and the region to make a big U-turn. The Taliban have been ousted, and the Taliban have returned with a vengeance.

Nearly three tonnes of heroin reached Indian shores. Sleuths from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) are working on the case. The origin of these items links to the terror intent of the Taliban and Pakistan's notorious spy, the ISI.

"In UN Security Council resolution 2593, which was adopted during Indian Presidency, it is stated that Afghanistan's territory should not be used against any other state. So this is a very important indicator which is an important benchmark from the side of the international community and countries which you can say non-state actors or countries which will go against this idea of this will definitely kept an eye on," Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla said in a briefing in Delhi.

The reference is to Pakistan, whose role in the war against terror must be understood in its true sense by the US. The security threats from Kabul and its new masters are growing on every front in the region. The groups are already moving to Afghanistan, and some are even making statements on Kashmir as well.

The Taliban leaders have openly thrown a challenge to Pakistan for PM Imran Khan's remarks that discussions are on for ensuring an inclusive government. The Taliban has expanded their ministry, and yet there is no space for women. Biden's US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has been questioned by Congressmen to 'reassess' the US ties with Pakistan. 

PM Modi and other global leaders would debate how an unstable Afghanistan would threaten South Asia.

What answer can Biden offer at the UNGA table - on whether US exit has only created a terror 'safe haven' in Afghanistan?

Confronting France:

The new AUKUS partnership between the US, Australia and the UK has unnerved France. The move has cost Biden - again to point out a Democrat - possibly one of America's oldest allies. Even European Council officials are not pulling their punches. 

Biden, in this case - within weeks of Afghanistan, hara-kiri - is caught amid allegations of breach of trust. The US 'secretly' negotiated with Australia, and French President Emmanuel Macron cancelled a meeting between foreign ministers of India, France and Australia. 

France is already reaching out to like-minded countries. President Macron already held a tele talk with PM Modi. For a long, Biden and the Democrats always attacked Donald Trump.

Biden, unlike Trump, talks about multilateralism but generally acts on his own. He has mishandled France with AUKUS, and in Afghanistan, the NATO leaders were never kept in the loop.

Well, Trump was open about his bravado. Even Modi had thought Trump would return to power. So he said: 'Trump Sarkar'. Hence, India will have to keep a close vigil because 'Democrat' regime in Washington has already committed two major betrayals in the foreign policy paradigm.


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