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Amrullah Saleh flays Pak over move on 'deputing civilians' to Kabul

Nirendra Dev

Nirendra DevJan 15, 2022, 01:25 PM IST

Amrullah Saleh flays Pak over move on 'deputing civilians' to Kabul

New Delhi: The ousted Afghan leader Amrullah Saleh, who now calls himself, 'acting president' of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has made a veiled attack on Pakistan for its reported move to send 'civil servants' from Islamabad to deal with the staffing shortage crisis in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

"PM Khan of Pakistan has said his government will fill the vacuum of post Aug 15 brain drain in Afghanistan  by sending  civil servants into Kabul. Civil servants vetted by the ISI will indeed help the Talib get their missing civilian half," he tweeted.

"...Send them sooner as your Khaki trainees aren't doing well," now in exile Saleh further wrote in the context of Pakistan's army role in Afghanistan post-Taliban takeover and repeated incidents of law and order problems, other issues and clashes.

Saleh was Vice President of the 'Islamic Republic of Afghanistan' till Afghanistan took over the reins of governance and power in Kabul.

From time to time, Pakistani authorities and political leaders have said that the Taliban leadership in Kabul require 'assistance' and that Islamabad would dispatch experts because of the brain drain in Afghanistan.

"The situation is fluid..," one Pakistani leader said recently. 

By September 6-7, Saleh left Afghanistan and initially moved to Tajikistan. Determined not to give up, Amrullah Saleh had first called himself the 'caretaker President' of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan after the then President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

The overwhelmingly Pashtun identity of the Taliban has often worked as a cementing factor among those who are opposed to it. The ethnically mixed country has always resisted centralised power throughout its history. Various identities such as Sunni, Shia and Tajik, Uzbek, and Hazara besides Pashtun are often referred to in Afghanistan. Saleh himself belongs to the Tajik ethnic group.

There are also continuous reports of violence and conflicts of interest between Taliban and ISIS-K.


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