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Who could be the ‘Narendra Modi’ of West Bengal’?

WebdeskMar 09, 2021, 12:24 PM IST

Who could be the ‘Narendra Modi’ of West Bengal’?

Election Commission declared 8 phased poll in West Bengal anticipating mad mayhem of violence. Right from Co-operative Elections to Loksabha Elections, bombs n bullets precede, accompany & follow ballots in Bengal. Why Elections in West Bengal necessarily integrate with violence & bloodshed? Going straight to the answer—it’s primarily for obtaining control of lacs of crores of criminal transactions that Bengal produces. 2216.17 Km long border with an Islamic Country absorbs trans-border stuff into Bengal and the State gets infected by various types of border crimes. A huge parallel black economy runs in West Bengal on account of these crimes. It’s the drive to dominate this Economy that soaks goons’ hands with blood & paints the soil of Bengal red. It’s not the State Treasury of West Bengal that allured the legislations as much as the crime-Economy did. It’s the crime-Economy that makes Bengal an irresistible temptation for greedy politicians. Otherwise, while Bengal used to be an industry-hub of India during Independence, why could Jyoti Basu’s Left Front afford to pack up all industries of the State? Had industries remained, couldn’t they have yielded revenue to the State? But Jyoti Basu didn’t bother about industry-generated revenue. Out of which financial security did Jyoti Basu facilitate the exit of Industries from West Bengal?' Left Front was perhaps ready with a masterplan to work out the huge parallel black economy based on hoards of crimes and thus replaced fair riches with black. The presence of industries would have hindered the growth & conception of such crime-Economy. While market-competition in the white Economy be on the basis of merit & core values of the market produces, the competition to capture the black Economy would expectedly be on the basis of violence. This is perhaps why Bengal never ceased to exist as an ever-bloody battlefield ever since independence. How to substantiate that West Bengal Economy is controlled by crime & criminals? Not many people have forgotten the dreadful riot in Baduria, Basirhat in July 2017. Though the riot apparently began on the cause of a Facebook post of a 17 years old boy named Shouvik Sarkar, it actually resulted from a decline in cattle smuggling business volume across the Basirhat border since NDA GOVERNMENT came into power in 2014. An Ecosystem of around 30,000 people earned their livelihood through the criminal profession of Cattle smuggling. Similarly, Kamalesh Tiwari’s comment about Nabi Muhammad became only an immediate cause of riot in Kaliachak, Maldah in January 2016. The real reason was— fake-currency & drug-traffickers there felt the heat on their black Business after NDA came to power in 2014. Maldah is an indispensable spot for cattle smugglers too. All these would clarify to some extent that crime provides livelihood to a huge section of West Bengal’s people and a significant chunk of them are infiltrators in reality. While Left Front masterminded & devised this criminal-ecosystem, Mamata Banerjee directly used them to wield power. Hardly it is challenging for conscious people to comprehend why she couldn’t ensure law and order in the State. What did Home Minister Amit Shah promise to the people of Bengal? Along with plans of sustainable financial development, Home Minister Amit Shah has declared in unambiguous terms from his Coochbehar rally on February 11 that if the Saffron Party came to power in West Bengal, no one, not even an insect, would be able to cross West Bengal’s border. People of WB wants to believe in such assurance of the Central Home Minister, but they’re sceptical as in last 50 years they have only been cheated by both Central & State Governments.' Why didn’t the criminal atmosphere of Bengal change even after the Left Front was removed from power? Left Front’s legacy of violence got carried forward by Mamata Banerjee because she couldn’t deny the temptation of black wealth for her family. There’s no dearth of wealth in West Bengal if one’s ready to bank on black wealth. Such claim can be corroborated with the fact that West Bengal’s Economy is predominantly informal, cash based and most of West Bengal’s functional MSMEs too are not registered. All these facts indirectly corroborate to the fact that Bengal’s Economy is predominantly black & temptations for easy money are present here in plenty. What’s the way to eliminate violence from Bengal? While there’s no easy way & easy solution for the Bengal problem, the State may begin with having a Nationalist Government in which people’s representatives would have a genuine intention for State’s welfare. The crime-Economy has to shrink & Governments, both State & the Centre, need to fix iron fist upon crime & criminals surmounting temptations of earning astronomically ginormous wealth for themselves & family. The task is not easy. West Bengal, in fact, throws the toughest challenge to politicians as far as good governance is concerned. Rendering good governance in this State demands politicians who would be shrewd enough & simultaneously be able to conquer greed for money for the cause of the State’s welfare. In brevity, West Bengal needs a RAJARSHI like Raja Janak. Time has proven that neither Left Front nor Mamata Banerjee was people with such good intentions. If the Saffron Party comes to power in West Bengal, this State would perhaps be the toughest examination hall for them. Once a border State, Gujarat, got a Chief Minister called Narendra Modi who changed Gujarat into a Development Model for India. Who would be the ‘Narendra Modi’ of West Bengal'?


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