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West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar to Visit Violence Affected Areas on Thursday

WebdeskMay 12, 2021, 05:39 PM IST

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar to Visit Violence Affected Areas on Thursday

George Orwell in his book titled ‘1984’ envisaged a government whose slogan read as “War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength”. The government of Big Brother quashed the slightest hint of personal freedom or dissent ruthlessly through thought police whose task was to vigilante the thoughts of its citizens. The plight of the people of the State of West Bengal is the deja vu of the people in Orwell’s book. The TMC government is headed by Big Brother Mamata Banerjee who calls out the post-poll violence as ‘nothing’, demands mental subjugation of its people like slaves and closes any avenue for dissenting voices to keep the State shrouded in darkness. Though the power in the State changed the baton from Communist to TMC the ideological grooming of the party workers not only remained unchanged but built over its war mongering cult. Intolerance will be a placid word to describe the immediate outbreak against the non-conforming group by the winning party. It was a blatant display of radical elements that intertwined the power centre in the State. It was the unclad dance of the formers of the Islamised government brandishing the victory flag and challenging the native for their existence. Islamization has changed its name to ‘secularism’ across the world. Western media makes conscious efforts to brand anything not explicitly pro-Muslim as communal and anything distantly pro-Muslim as secular. The so-called secular parties across the country bank on the Muslim vote bank for winning elections. Bengal is no exception to this phenomenon. In fact, the present government has designed the voters in such a way that till the Muslim population is at its present level, winning of other parties is not possible till the Hindus also don’t vote as an interest group. 97% of the Muslims who cast their vote voted for TMC whereas the Hindus votes were dispersed among BJP(only 62% of the Hindus who voted), TMC ( 16.2%of the Hindus who voted) and others(21.8% of the Hindus who voted). If we extrapolate this observation among other assembly or parliament elections the results will not be much different. In the more than 70 years of independence Muslims have recognized themselves as a separate group with common interest and also recognized their bargaining power in Indian democracy. Mamata Banerjee definitely and undeniably won because Muslims voted her to power. Had she not secured Muslim votes by illegal immigration, concessions and appeasements she would never be the Chief Minister of Bengal. On the other hand, the party which is always accused of being communal can never claim the same support from the group they are accused of wooing. But New York Times in its article on 2 May 2021 quoted Gilles Verniers of Ashoka University of New Delhi saying “ The West Bengal results tells us that Modi’s personal , divisive and aggressive campaign in West Bengal backfired”. According to the data, it was Mamata who won because of favouring and breeding a religion at the cost of the native one but she was referred to as ‘the daughter of Bengal’. BBC News reported the results as “ Modi loses a battle in the ‘ war for Indian Democracy’ “, as if rising from 3 seats to 77 is showing the decreasing confidence of people in BJP. The Guardian said “Voter’s rejected the BJP’s divisive anti-Muslim politics in Bengal” but failed to quote that “ voters accepted the pro-Muslim politics of TMC in Bengal”. In times of deceit every just act is labelled as injustice by the traders of phantasm. The brutality of post-poll violence is the testimony to the Islamization of Bengal. The ruling party will wield it more and more because it comprises 37.5 % of the 47.9% votes in their favour. This election will be used as the SOP across the nation as it has proven fruitful for the communal TMC Govt in Bengal. On 16 July 1945, the first nuclear bomb was tested in New Mexico and within 21 days it was used over Japan to settle scores. The devastation caused by the sole incident was borne by generations worldwide. The severity of an incident is not gauged by its frequency but by its ability to annihilate. Similar is the coming to power of Mamata solely on the votes of Muslims who also see themselves as Muslims first. They only see Islam as the binding force between them and this bond is the strongest because the development index of the community in the State is worse than the national average and much below many States where Muslims are in much smaller numbers. They don't vote for development but to gain the power to further Islamize the State. If Hindus remain divided while voting then they will always be ruled by the party they rejected and consequently will bear the brunt of constant violence and escapade. The rules of the game need to be changed because now it is the question of existence. We don't have a level playing field where everyone looks for governance. Hindus need to realize that they are deliberately blindfolded by so-called left-liberals and Islamist media to remain secular while they garner more power based on religion. If Muslims vote as a group then why will not Hindus vote as a group? If they are correct then how are the Hindus wrong? Hindus will realize the depth of loss the dispersion of their votes have caused to the nation and will continue to cause if they don't do the course correction till every polling party surrenders taking them for granted. The population of Muslims in districts of Murshidabad (66.2%), Malda(51.3%), Uttar Dinajpur(50% ) and Birbhum(37%)- all bordering districts. The Muslim share in these districts has surpassed the pre-partition period. The 1951 West Bengal assembly had 22 Muslim legislators which have doubled in 70 years to 44 in 2021 credit goes to BJP otherwise this number was 59 in the 2016 elections. The inorganic growth of the Muslim population facilitating the despicable rise in power will lead to inorganic shrinking of the Hindu population by deploying and organic shrinking by being slaughtered at the hands of a warmongering cult. Hindus should learn from Europe which is no more the Europe of Greek philosophers and Roman civilization but of black scarf clad women and large minarets where mosques outnumber churches. Europe lost its culture in the name of tolerance and acceptance, Bharat will lose it's in the name of Secularism. ______________________________________________________________________ The author is a research scholar in XLRI, Jamshedpur and writes on economics and socio-cultural issues.


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