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The Frankenstein called Taliban in Afghanistan: Taliban Pakistan China Nexus

WebdeskAug 05, 2021, 12:18 PM IST

The Frankenstein called Taliban in Afghanistan: Taliban Pakistan China Nexus

                                                                                                                                                           T. S. Chandrashekar


The Coming together of China, Pakistan, the Taliban, North Korea, and a few more countries can pose a grave security threat in the region. 


Unexpected international political developments are taking place in Afghanistan ever since American and Nato troops are withdrawing from Afghan with “go together and exit together.” A Sudden act of haste when the US left Bagram Airbase at night with no notice had made the Afghan government vulnerable. Taking it as an advantage, the Taliban, with the direct support of Pakistan, non-state actors like Haqqani Network, LeT, HuM, JuD, Islamic State and Al Qaeda, to name a few, went offensive on Civil Government. Pakistan went to the extent of warning the Afghan Civilian Government and gave Air Cover at Pakistan and Afghan Border. Violating international rules, Pakistan, supported by ISI and Army, is leading around 10000 men or more with arms, ammunition, hospital aid, Air Cover, funding, and more. Importantly, it is backing and recognizing a Non-State Terror actor legitimacy by facilitating their visit to China in violations of all international rules and protocols.


What is the Taliban, and why does any nation in the world have to worry about their rule? Firstly Taliban believe in Medieval Age rules and regulations. They are against Science, reason, thought and process. Secondly, anything against Islam is death destruction. This can go up to destroying historical monuments. Thirdly, they want to establish a caliphate and follow Sharia rules blindly. Fourthly, there is no respect for women on their land, except as a commodity of reproduction. Fifthly, against women's wishes, 15 to 50 or more forceful marriages, rapes and killings. Sixthly, no music, no entertainment or sports. Seventhly, children have no future in their land as they propagate and die for the Taliban cause. Eighthly Taliban will support cross border terror from Central Asia, India, Middle East to Europe to America to establish its legitimacy. Ninthly, the Taliban targets to control two Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina, through Islamic State or Al Qaeda, which is a direct threat to Saudi, which was also instrumental in supporting the rise of Taliban. Lastly, from the Sahel region in Africa to South East Asia, vulnerable to Island, small medium and developing countries will be easy targets of Taliban in the future which has global ambition.


“The Present-day or 21 century biggest shock is China, a United Nations Security Council Member which claims “power nation” “nuclear wars against enemy” has hosted Taliban in Tianjin. China's border with Afghanistan starts in Badakhshan’s province in northeastern Wakhan district with a 60-mile-long border. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Taliban political commission representative Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and few representatives from the religious commission and publicity in Tianjin, China. Taliban has reiterated of not allowing any force to use the Afghan territory to endanger China. East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which supports independence from China, or any anti-China forces, will not be promoted in the future Taliban State. In retaliation, China will recognize the Taliban at the cost of world democracy and civilian rule.”




Does China has a civilian Afghan Embassy? Why did China, under the insistence of Pakistan, hosted the Taliban, which is controlling only 100 or fewer districts in Afghan than Civilian Elect Abdul Ghani Government? Taliban are irregular forces. If Security Council Member behaves like this, does United Nations have any credibility? China is under question because of Wuhan Lab Leak for Corona Virus. North Korea, Pakistan, the Taliban, China are becoming dangerous, difficult nations to deal with all their neighbours.


Why China is worried and had a meeting with the Taliban in China?


Firstly, all Islamic countries in the region have condemned China for the mass incarceration of fellow Muslims in Xinjiang and other human-rights abuses. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and foreign ministers meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)-Afghanistan Contact Group was to improve relations and trust there. So they wanted to pacify the Taliban with these acts and take their support. Secondly, the Chinese worries Afghanistan under the Taliban will become a haven for extremist groups with international ambitions like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Beijing is particularly focused on Uyghur militants that have their sights set on China and could cross its 76-kilometre border with Afghanistan. Chinese analysts warned that if security threats in Afghanistan continued to spill over to neighbouring countries, extremists and terrorists are more likely to enter China through Central Asian countries and Pakistan. This can lead to the fall of the China Empire of Communism. Thirdly, China also has some longer-term economic hopes for the country, with Chinese firms involved in the massive Aynak copper mine and exploration in the Amu Darya oil field. It has also eyed a bigger role for them in the future reconstruction of the war-torn country. Lastly, China, like Russia, has an internal problem of Tibet, East Turkmenistan, South Mongolia, Manchuria, Yunnan, Hongkong, to name a few small disturbances from the Taliban in Xinxiang, can see the fall of an Empire, e.g. being Russia.


“Pakistan ISI, Army and its present-day bankrupt Government entered the Afghan war with nearly 30 Billion American dollars and killed American Soldiers with the Taliban and hosted the mastermind of World Trade Center Osama bin Laden in Rawalpindi. For their survival, at first, they went with Saudi Arabia, then they ditched them. Then went with the US and fought Mujahadeen in Afghanistan by killing Russians. Now they are with China and are already unable to pay debts to China. They are selling and leasing their land and water to China, e.g., Shaksgam Valley in POK to Gwadar Port to Sind, where Islands are sold with their own rules and regulations with no authority of Pakistan. In debt to China, with no repayment capacity, it is doing self-immolation. Pakistan, which was under the radar of FATF for misuse of virtual assets for money laundering and terrorist financing, is becoming from a Terror nation to a Bankrupt nation, so it is wooing and committing to China. Has the Collapse of Pakistan as a Nation begun?”




Finally, one can say that political developments in Afghanistan are having a bilateral, regional and global effect on India. Until a few days back, the Taliban were pariahs of the world. Now they are getting recognition and legitimized by few nations for their narrow political interests, especially at the insistence of Pakistan and China. Some Western countries have described China's effort to engage in Afghanistan's reconstruction as the 'next empires' to enter the graveyard of Afghanistan. For now, China is playing a dangerous game along with Pakistan. The world knows that China had committed Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang. The Coming together of China, Pakistan, the Taliban, North Korea, and a few more countries can pose a grave security threat in the region. Non-State actors as shadows will get busy from lone wolf warrior terror acts, kidnapping, and hijacks to bomb blasts. This can disturb the world economy and the region at large, like Parliament Attack, Pathankot 2016 Attack, Mumbai Blasts, and a few still in mind. The world also witnessed World Trade Center to France to Netherlands Terror Attacks. Pakistan, China, North Korea are known for Cyber Attacks. If the Taliban also continues this digital war, that will be too dangerous to handle. The international developments are important to watch as Democratic Nations have to fight shoulders to shoulders from Washington to Delhi to Paris to London to Tokyo to Canberra and wipe this Frankenstein’s. For now, the world is in danger of medieval barbarism and Military Authoritarianism as we are surrounded by “String of Pearls”….


(The writer is a spokesperson, Political Analyst, Columnist, International Affairs and Korea Expert.)




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