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The Confusion that never ends; Rahul Gandhi’s recent Tamil Nadu visit exposes his poor understanding of politics

WebdeskMar 03, 2021, 12:00 PM IST

The Confusion that never ends; Rahul Gandhi’s recent Tamil Nadu visit exposes his poor understanding of politics

The Indian National Congress is bereft of any developmental policies to sell in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry voters. Therefore, its former party chief Rahul Gandhi is trying to make a foothold in the southern parts of the Bharat with his childish pranks to attract and woo people. He is fully aware that he can’t get votes and save his sinking party. In northern states, his party faced defeat after defeat in every election he campaigned. It is like marketing. If you have a good product you need not have to do anything including publicity campaigns. For the dejected Rahul Gandhi and his people, the Congress party need to do something for survival. Rahul Gandhi ( Pappu for his detractors) has been doing childish things like dancing, singing, trying his hand at the cookery, puckish actions and palaver during the election campaign is nothing but folderol. During his visit, he learned how to cook village-style biryani and onion raitha. In his second leg of his campaigning, he enacted more things. Many times he proved his half-baked knowledge, insincerity and incompetency. He answered questions irrelevantly or wrong or with a simple ‘yes or no’. His goof-ups are being enjoyed by all. To drive home a point, when a girl asked him to comment on women empowerment, he replied totally unconnected answer much to the shock of attendees. Winding up his three-day Tamil Nadu tour, Rahul Gandhi surprised students with his dance steps, winning a fitness challenge and showcasing his martial arts skills. At the St Joseph’s Matriculation higher secondary school at Mulagumoodu, he danced to the tunes. He also took along with his senior party colleagues. He later showed his martial arts skill in Aikido. They did push-ups with a girl student and did more than her count. He also threw a challenge to her to do single hand push-ups. He told them that several years of doing exercise like running, swimming, cycling and training in martial arts are the reasons for his fitness and taking less rice and chapatti but more protein. While dropping by a roadside tea stall, he chatted with a 12-year-old school student. When the boy said he was a sprinter, Rahul said he too an athlete and asked him whether he could run faster than him. Rahul gifted him a pair of shoes and a promise of getting him in a coaching institute. Teachers and clergies on stage vying with students in chanting “Rahul…Rahul..” loudly. Students and the clergies did not wear face masks. No social distancing norms were put into place. It is everybody concern why all his programs are being held only in government-aided Christian run women colleges and schools?. It is quite clear to boost the DMK-Congress, catholic church and evangelists elements have been using all their resources. These institutions are being funded by tax payers’ money. Had Modi or BJP did all these unethical things, would the media keep silent. Rahul visited a Hindu temple along with his security personnel all wearing shoes. None including the priests did object to their behavior. Rahul is visiting Hindu temples due to electoral compulsions. In Church, he knelt before catholic clergy in Kanyakumari which is known for clashes between Hindus and Christians. His awkward dance and the failure of the school in question to inculcate civilized neutrality to such inanity to understand for sure whether it was indeed funny or not. His sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra while campaigning on the same day in Assam broke into a dance with the locals. Kanyakumari at the southern tip and the Assam at another corner of the country witnessed ditto dancing drills by brother and sister. Was is it a coincidence or accidental? A few days before this in Kerala, Rahul dived into the sea along with fishermen and helped a group of villagers cook mushroom biryani in Tamil Nadu. He did it earlier too when he joined MGNREGS workers in Uttar Pradesh in their work when the UPA was in power. Rahul Gandhi earlier in public meetings talked about wheat trees, potato factories and now wanted to sell coconut and ice apple. He lacks seriousness like Stalin. Rahul wants to become PM, while Stalin wants to become CM of Tamil Nadu. Reminding a 1989 show of Dieter Hallervorden, his interactions with students were comic. It is a pity that he chooses politics as a full-time career. Rahul Gandhi as usual, spoke only lies, half-truths. He said that PM Modi was afraid of him and that is why he was not touched and called “Modi a formidable enemy”. In an open letter, BJP national secretory CT Ravi lambasted him by saying Rahul as a runaway MP”. Replying to him, Ravi said, “let me tell you something in simple words.PM Modi or the BJP have never treated you as an enemy. You are nothing more than our political opponent. Our formidable enemy is anyone working against the interests of the Bharat Mata. We treat her enemies, be it internal or external as a formidable enemy”. Ravi questioned “how is your ‘election holidays’ are going. Are you enjoying them? You failed to prove your worth as the MP of Amethi. You ran away to Wayanad and won due to the communal polarization of votes. Your grandfather Nehru created the Kashmir mess by bringing in Article 370 and surrendering our land in 1962 to China. Your grandmother Indira Gandhi destroyed the constitution by imposing an Emergency in 1975? Did she defeat the bigger enemy, her lust for power? Your grandmother propped up Bhindranwale. This ill-conceived move not only created a nightmare called Khalistan but also resulted in her own assassination. Your father Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for the Sikh genocide. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a puppet Prime Minister under Congress president Sonia Gandhi”. Ravi added, “Nehru-Gandhi family destroyed the development of the nation for seven decades by creating and nurturing the Frankenstein monster called corruption. The Congress’ first family is the formidable enemy of India’s growth and progress”.


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