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Tamil Nadu Assembly Election: DMK Goons Resorts to Violent Attacks on NDA Leaders and Cadres

WebdeskMar 26, 2021, 03:19 PM IST

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election: DMK Goons Resorts to Violent Attacks on NDA Leaders and Cadres

The rise in incidents like provocative and instigating violent remarks on BJP, AIADMK cadres, candidates and murderous attacks in the peace-loving Tamil Nadu, has clearly shown the DMK’s desperation, intolerance and sensing the sure defeat in the incoming assembly polls.   The upcoming election is a do or die situation for the DMK. Its 68 years old president M K Stalin is desperate to become Chief Minister either by hook or crook means and wants to put his son Udhayanidhi Stalin in the post during his lifetime. This will be possible in the DMK which follows the dynasty politics and Congress. These two parties follow their sons and daughters, sons-in-law, sisters-in-law and other family members in all key positions making it a family run business. NCP Sharad Pawar, Samajwadi party’s Mulayam Singh, Bihar’s RJD Lalu Prasad Yadav have successfully following this dynasty politics successfully.   Back to Tamil Nadu, DMK has been out of power in Tamil Nadu for ten years in a row after losing polls. It was not the first time. During MGR’s period, DMK was led by M Karunanidhi. He could not even think of becoming CM for over 13 years till the founder of AIADMK died. The split in AIADMK after MGR’s death, helped DMK to capture power only for a short period which was dissolved by then PM Chandrasekar led the government on the grounds that it encouraged Sri Lankan extremist groups in Tamil Nadu. Former PM Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in the same year by LTTE terrorists. It never contested polls alone. Barring one or two, it formed coalition governments sans sharing power with partners. But it never missed an opportunity to get plum cabinet postings for its family members at the Centre headed by NDA and UPA governments. DMK has a track record of making comments reek of sexism, religion and caste. It will go any length to slur the image of opponents by making remarks on their caste, personal life, religion, unfounded corruption, taking credit for the good things done by the other, repeating lies to make it as truth are to only a few to be listed. Stalin has been accusing CM Edapadi K Palaniswamy of crawling on the floor to become CM. Palaniswamy retorted by saying “I am not a lizard or a snake to crawl”.   Stalin is trying to create an image that he is the sole saviour of Dravidian identity and Tamil rights in the state. Stalin has been attacking both AIADMK and BJP. DMK is better known for dual standards while in power and outside power. Stalin, who can’t speak without a piece of reference sheet, and his son are giving fancy and indecent sobriquets to PM, CM and his cabinet colleagues like a dead body, Gutka fame etc. These remarks, targeting seniors and elected representatives, are not in good taste. He could not answer simple questions in English by TV channels and stood standstill. He answered in many syllable Tamil words after repeated efforts to understand the question by the interviewers. He can’t read, pronounce Tamil words written in tiny sheets or make simple calculations. Like his father, Stalin and his heir apparent are using these third rate comments which may get applause at his meetings but the common man won’t give their stamp of approval. “DMK claims it campaign connect is in tune with the current digital era, its leaders’ comments, their choice of words, behaviour are still in ‘Dark Ages’ or fin de siècle era,” says political commentator Omampuliyur Jayaraman.   CM Palaniswamy and his party men campaign without hurting the religious sentiments or casting aspersions or personal attacks, etc. This has won the hearts of the people assuring him a third term for the party in a row.   DMK has sought the help of poll strategist Prashanth Kishore’s I-PAC for an alleged Rs.350 crore contract. I- PAC is helping the party right from the selection of candidates, strategy, grooming of Stalin with a wig and appropriate dres's code, publicity methods or stunts, making cooked up and manipulated poll surveys to convince the last minute and fence-sitters to vote for DMK, scripts for Stalin’s speeches. “Now everything is stage manager lacking originality or natural and realistic flavour. Overall, the DMK which has been vehemently opposing Brahmin supremacy in the State is now following every dictate of a Bihari Brahmin. DMK has now engaged an outsider PK as its poll advisor. Also it has given order running to several crores to Delhi, Punjab and Maharashtra based units to print banners and other propaganda material. In Tamil Nadu modern printing units in Sivakasi, Chennai, Tirupur and Coimbatore. At the Corona affected times, these orders would have helped them in a good way. It is ironic that the same DMK has been saying BJP is a north Indian party which in an outsider in the state and will not allow it here to get a foothold” lists out Jayaraman.   On other hand, AIADMK wants to achieve a third straight win in the coming elections banking on the populist measures, people’s strong dislike for DMK and its Hindu phobic and remarks on Hindu gods. The Rs.50-100 crore DMK’s March 7 conference was conducted by Karnataka based ASM Event Technology firm. A 25 crore job contract was given to Prime Publicity in Punjab to print banners and flex banners and digital prints. Rs. 12.5 crore job order was given to Delhi based Hertz and Pixels to make stickers. Vlogger Maridass questions “had these jobs been given to locals, over 1 lakh families would have benefitted when their livelihood was affected due to pandemic. In Tamil Nadu, we have a lot of digital printing presses, sticker making units in Tirupur, Sivakasi, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore. Likewise, a better and first-rate event managers with local topography and customs could have been used rather than picking up Karnataka based firm”.   DMK’s ally VCK chief Thol Thirumavalalvan has promised to nationalize all Hindu temple lands and properties and would be distributed to the poor landless farmers. He did not talk about the Christian church and waqf board properties. Already HR and CE are looting the temple properties, now VCK wants to grab all to make rich. In Tamil Nadu it the main opposition DMK is a concern for all. Many fear “even without power if they indulge in such things what will happen if they win in the elections?” DMK and allies have taken intimidating ways to threaten and attack pro -Hindu parties like BJP and its outfits from canvassing voters in the state. Last week in Chennai’s Choolaimedu area, members of Desiya Vakkalar Peravai (National Voters Forum) were campaigning for 100 percent polling, when DMK and VCK goons attacked four members of the Peravai. In Aravakurichi, BJP candidate Annamalai’s driver Balamurugan and R Karthi were severely beaten up by DMK goons. Goondas allegedly sent by DMK’s Karur Constituency candidate Senthil Balaji stormed the venue where BJP men were campaigning. Their target, it is learnt, was Annamalai.   In Chennai AIADMK Perambur constituency candidate N R Dhanabalan had a close shave on 25th March after an unidentified man tried to attack him with a sickle while he canvassing in the Vyasarpadi area. An AIADMK worker suffered multiple injuries in the attack. Police suspect it to be a pre-planned attack. There have been attacks on vehicles of politicians. Police sources say there have been instances of protests by residents in many localities opposing the entry of candidates, political parties.   A couple of days back, the moderator of literary debates (a mock court wherein two sides will be asked to present their view in and against a given topic) Dindigul I Leoni made insensitive comments against women. While campaigning for DMK candidate in Coimbatore, he compared women to cows by saying they have become fat by drinking non-domestic cows. He said that women had lost their curved 8 like shape (meaning tapper at the waist or narrow). Earlier, he pointed out, women carry their infants by their waist due to a specific body shape. Women used to be ‘thin and their lips would have curves and they no longer have figure 8 and increasingly have become like barrels or like air-filled balloons”. Leoni is known for his anti-Hindu and God rants. These remarks drew the ire of netizens and women in particular. Several took it to social media by retweeting the video of Leoni terming it as “shameful’ and reek of sexism”. A woman lawyer has lodged a police complaint seeking action against comedian and DMK campaigner Leoni for his derogatory remarks about women.   Seeman’s Naam Tamizhar Katchi (NMT) Peravurani constituency nominee K Dilepan caught in a controversy over his views that the DMK’s promises to provide free sanitary napkins were indecent. He said “The DMK has promised to give sanitary napkins free of cost every month for women. Is there anything more shameful or indecent than this? Are Tamilians unable to buy napkins for their womenfolk? he questioned.   “In the name of secularism, Muslim and Christian organizations have decided to support DMK and its allies. Will Hindus unite or continue to sleep secularly to lose their rights in the coming years? Tamil Nadu Jamaathul Ulama Sabai has openly backed the DMK led alliance” points Jayaraman. Indian Islamic Munnetra Forum has decided to support BJP’s Anna Malai in the Aravakurichi constituency. Annamalai was denied entry in Pallapattu Muslim dominated area following a local jamaat’s decision. Annamalai said Pallapattu is not in Pakistan and he would visit the area as Constitution has given the right to do so.


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