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How the Chennai Super Kings were able to win four IPL titles by sticking to the fundamentals

Aman Verma

Aman VermaOct 19, 2021, 10:02 PM IST

How the Chennai Super Kings were able to win four IPL titles by sticking to the fundamentals

The Chennai Super Kings are known as the 'Oldies Army.' Still, their general consistency, superb catching, building on starts, patience with players, and resilience despite not playing at home contributed to CSK winning their fourth IPL title.

Solid Feilding: In T20 cricket, fielding is frequently overvalued, yet the fundamentals of the game are critical if you want to be successful. The outcome of matches is heavily influenced by-catches. As a result, CSK's catching success was about 80%, the second-highest of any team in the game, and CSK took advantage of the critical opportunity. 

Maximizing Starts:  Anyone familiar with the intensity of such games, particularly in the T20 format, is aware that wickets are essential in the powerplay. We frequently hear pundits stressing the significance of not losing the first three wickets in the powerplay. What's frequently overlooked is that going too far in the opposite direction might have comparable consequences. For example, Slow Start, disguised as cautious and secure, can be harmful to businesses. CSK averaged 49 and 38 balls per wicket in the first six overs, the highest of any team. The partnership of Faf du Plessis and Gaikwad has unquestionably contributed to CSK's success. 

Clarity of Duty: In recent years, role clarity has been a trademark of Chennai's bowling, with bowlers being assigned to specific stages and tasks to focus on. This year was no exception. Deepak Chahar bowled the majority of his deliveries in the powerplays, and he was backed even if his early overs were penalized. During the middle overs (7-15), Jadeja and Moeen Ali were nearly primarily utilized, with Dwayne Bravo being used virtually completely beyond the halfway point of the innings. As a result, CSK developed an assault strategy based on their understanding of their roles and objectives. 

Keeping Faith With The Players: CSK and KKR were the only two teams this season that made relatively few changes to their playing eleven every match, implying that winning matches and changing your playing eleven are two different things. Playing eleven has a link, but it may go either way, making it a contentious issue. On a human level, though, CSK's trust in their players is priceless despite short-term fluctuations in form. Rituraj Gaikwad, who started this season with 5(8), 5(16), and 10 (13) before slamming the door shut and winning the Orange Cap, is the ideal example of this argument. As much as anyone inning player, MS Dhoni's culture of baking faith into the fabric of the squad was crucial to CSK's triumph.


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