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Shiva Ayurveda - The Yogic Power of Healing and Transformation

WebdeskMar 09, 2021, 04:40 PM IST

Shiva Ayurveda - The Yogic Power of Healing and Transformation

We follow an ancient Himalayan tradition of Shiva Ayurveda connected to the Himalayan plants and waters of the domain of Shiva and the great Yogis. It is connected to many Himalayan Yoga traditions from Kashmir to Uttar Khand and Nepal. While most people look upon Lord Dhanvantari, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as the deity of Ayurveda and ideal doctor, in the oldest Rigveda it is Rudra/Soma, Lord Shiva himself who is the supreme doctor (bhishaktamam tva bhishajam shrinomi). In the Yajurveda, #Rudra is the very personification of the healing ritual (Yajna) that grants wellbeing and longevity (Ayu). All healing Prana and healing mantras come through his power and his Yoga Shakti. Shiva's Rudra form connected to Agni purifies body and mind and removes toxins. Shiva's #Soma form relates to the healing plants, fruit, fragrances rasayana and rejuvenation. The entire universe is #Agni and Soma, which is Shiva as Fire and the Moon. Shiva as #Mrityunjaya, the one who takes us across death, also takes us across disease and sorrow. For Shiva Ratri let us remember Shiva Ayurveda, Shiva and immortality and the role of Shiva, which means peace and balance in all healing practices. Om Haum Joom Sah Shiva Mrityunjayaya Namah!


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