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Rihanna tweets topless pic wearing lord Ganesha locket, Netizens call it a desperate attempt to insult Hindus

WebdeskFeb 18, 2021, 06:18 AM IST

Rihanna tweets topless pic wearing lord Ganesha locket, Netizens call it a desperate attempt to insult Hindus

Popstar Rihanna who recently created news by posting paid-content on Twitter regarding the farmers’ protest in India has now triggered another controversy. In her latest post on Twitter, Rihanna is seen posing topless with a necklace that has Hindu god Lord Ganesha's pendant attached to it. He tweet says, “when @PopcaanMusic said “me nuh wan ya wear no lingerie tonight fame girl” @SavageXFenty". The picture has received severe backlash on the micro-blogging site and several users have accused the pop star of insulting Hindu deities. The World Hindu Council said it had filed police complaints against Facebook and Twitter for hosting the picture and demanded action against Rihanna's social media accounts. A user wrote, "Please stop using my religion as your aesthetic." Another commented, "So out of line, using our sentimental values as an accessory, shame! @rihanna it wasn't bad enough that u were making children make fenti products, now u had to go & pull this cultural appropriation stuff." "Nah man wtf is this, this is highly disrespectful..!!! She is wearing a Hindu God half-naked. This is cultural appropriation. Our gods aren't for your aesthetics!" read a comment.


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