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Rashtrothana Schools are now the city's leading Covid Care centres

WebdeskMay 19, 2021, 11:44 AM IST

Rashtrothana Schools are now the city's leading Covid Care centres

There is no segment where the organizations/people inspired by RSS are not succouring the society. The projects of RSS cover the fields of education, healthcare, social harmony, disaster management, rural-tribal welfare and a new addition, pandemic management. RSS inspired Rastrothana Parishat which predominantly functions in the fields of education and literature has now rushed to rescue the ailing society drowned in the pandemic by transforming its schools and institutions into 5 highly competent Covid Care Centres. It's worth recalling that hundreds of blood donation camps were organized across the city by the Parishat in recent times, before the onset of the mass vaccination drive. It would surprise many to know that during this period where lakhs of rupees are spent for the COVID 19 treatment, the Parishat's care centres are not charging a single penny. With 350 general beds, 50 beds with oxygen supply, 10 special beds for children,36 competent health care workers and more than 60 dedicated volunteers, the 5 COVID care centres, namely the Rashtrothana Schools of Banashankari and Ramamurthy Nagar, Mangala Vidyamandir, Yelahanka, Vidyasagar School, Sanjay Nagar and APS College, NR Colony, are working unfalteringly/unceasingly to uplift the pandemic soaked society, since their inception in April. Around 80 lakh Rupees have been directed for setting up these pragmatic/utilitarian Covid centres. ṚSS's Seva Bharati has also shouldered for this noble cause. Currently, around 300 patients are being treated and more than 200 patients have recovered satisfactorily / gratifyingly. The Parishat has provided oxygen cylinders and concentrators not just to the inpatients of its Covid Care Centres, but also to the needy as well. The COVID Care Treatment: Every bed is provided with all required medicaments, antibiotics, antiviral drugs, steroids, oxygen cylinders and concentrators, hypertensive-diabetic drugs, emergency drugs, pulse oximeters, glucometers, wheelchairs, syringes and many more. The patients, especially the Geriatric and pediatric ones and the patients with comorbidities are given special care. All the patients are continuously monitored by the Pulmonologists and other specialists. The patients with O2 saturation less than 90 and severely symptomatic patients are given treatment until they get a bed in ICU or in super speciality hospitals. Further, the cost of all radiological investigations(CT etc) of these patients is taken care of. The mental well being of patients is also well taken care of. They are provided with internet facilities, various genres of books and recreational activities such as indoor games etc. The patients are provided with the Yoga facility and bhajans, Prarthana sessions are held regularly to keep up the positivity among the patients. Nutrition: The patients are provided with a nutritious balanced diet consisting of bread, milk, fruits, vegetables, juices, soups, pulses, Ragi Mudde, immune boosters such as the Kashaya, the Chyawanprash, turmeric mixed milk and many more. Palatability and special nutritious need of children, diabetics and people with comorbidities are also considered. Admission process: Those who have tested positive for COVID 19 and require medical assistance can contact the respective centres through the helpline. The patients are required to produce the positive RT-PCR report along with O2 saturation level and other basic information. The doctors will go through the report, the symptoms and grievances of the patients and respond at the earliest(usually within 30 mins) The patients are treated for 10-14 days until they test negative and are fit to be discharged. Follow up assistance is also provided to the discharged patients by the specialist doctors. Parishat's General Secretary Na. Dinesh Hegde says that the Parishat's motive is to cope with rapidly increasing Covid cases and to suffice the medical deficiency prevailing in the city amidst the pandemic. He also applauded the efforts of skilled healthcare workers and dedicated volunteers of Parishat who made the initiative successful by working proficiently round the clock. “The holistic treatment that I got here made me win over the Coronavirus”' says Savita, a discharged patient with a smile on her face. One more gratified patient Phalguni says, “I was extremely shocked after testing positive for COVID 19. But the enthusiastic dedicated volunteers here made me win. I really appreciate the holistic treatment provided here. Me and my wife tested positive and we both were symptomatic with severe tiredness. Nobody was at home to take care of and we immediately contacted Parishat's Covid care centre. They responded very quickly and got us admitted. We are recovering quickly,” say a newlywed couple in glee. Socially conscious organisations like Rashtrothana Parishat is shining as the Sun of positivity and hope amidst the darkness of negativity. Such noble deeds, shouldering and sharing the responsibilities, disseminating love and humanity and filling the void of negativity with optimism, can alleviate any dreadful hardship and uplift the whole society.


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