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Ram Mandir Nidhi Samaharan Abhiyan: DMK’s Muslim MLA donates for Ram Mandir construction

WebdeskFeb 17, 2021, 06:16 AM IST

Ram Mandir Nidhi Samaharan Abhiyan: DMK’s Muslim MLA donates for Ram Mandir construction

Gingee ( Villupuram district) DMK Muslim MLA KS Masthan has donated Rs.11,000 for the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. DMK, in which he is a member, follows the pseudo atheist, rationalist and iconoclast ideologies. DMK has been making derogatory remarks against Hindus, Gods and its culture. DMK leader late Karunanidhi, his son M K Stalin and others never appear in public with religious identity ie sacred ash, Chandan or Kumkum (vermillion) on their forehead but like to wear and pose with scalp cap in Ramzan iftar parties. They never extend greetings on Hindu festivals. But of late, DMK leaders were forced to visit temples, mutts and pretended to be a believer of Gods and not against Hindus. This drama will go till assembly election polling. It is a surprise, when Masthan, a Muslim, has donated to Ram Mandir. It needs to be appreciated proving best example for communal harmony. Chennai based real estate and construction company RWD owner Habib WS has donated Rs.1,00,008 to build Ram Temple. Habib said “ I want to foster communal amity between Muslims and Hindus. We are all children of God. I donated the sum with this belief. I would not have donated to any other temple but the Ram temple is different as decade-old Ayodhya dispute came to an end”. To the surprise of volunteers, a retired School woman teacher from Virugambakkam donated Rs.50,000. She called the volunteers over the phone and expressed her willingness to donate. Raghupathy, a volunteer, went and took donation personally. A Salem based 9-year-old school student Ramsaran has donated Rs. 3,500 which he had saved. He is residing in Athur Mullaivadi village. He handed over the cash to the fund collectors. People lauded him for coming forward spontaneously to donate to build Ram temple at Ayodhya from his savings. Vallinayagan Olaganathan Chidambaram Pillai popularly known as VOC, the Thilak of south India. This Tamil patriot and helmsman steered the ship by launching Swedish shipping company in Bharat as part of the freedom movement. A reputed barrister, he fought for the poor without charging a fee. After his jail terms VOC lived in Chennai to serve the exile punishment and later moved to Thoothukudi and lived in penury till his death. Hailing from this industrious family, his last daughter-in-law Alamelu Vaaleswaran has donated Rs. 10,000 towards Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Hindu Munnani Chennai president A T Elangovan said, “all those whom we meet have willingly donated. A gentleman who suddenly emerged from the crowd in one of the roadshows gave us a cheque for Rs.50,000. K E Srinivasan of Dharma Jagran Manch said not only the affluent but also the poor contributed generously. At Perambur, cobblers and other sections forward to donate Rs.10 and above. Shop keepers also came forward voluntarily to donate for Ram Mandir construction. A vermillion seller near temple belonging to Muslim community gave us Rs.200 for this noble cause. A fund collection drive has been launched on 15th of January in which workers of RSS and VHP are actively involved. The Nidhi collection so far has touched Rs.1,511 crores. Shree Ram Janma Bhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust ( SRJTKT) treasurer Swami Govind Dev Giri said that people from all communities and age generously donating to the fundraising campaign. Even Children have donated from their piggy banks and labourers, beggars, vendors, rickshaw pullers are also contributing to the fund. The fundraising campaign will come to end on 27th of this month. Bharathiyas have a chance to donate and take part in the construction of Ram Temple activities after 492 years. The Nidhi Samarpana Abhiyan (fundraising drive) is planned to cover four lakh villages and 11 crore families in the country during this month-long outreach.


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