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Proxy War: Its effect on the World and India at large?

WebdeskJun 29, 2021, 10:55 AM IST

Proxy War: Its effect on the World and India at large?

A proxy war is an armed conflict between the Independent Nation with a non-state actor with External Support.


A proxy war is often fought based on ideological, national interest, power conflict, or ethnic or religious solidarity with other Nations than theirs. Ex: ISIS, Taliban, Al- Qaeda, Laskar- E- Taiba, to name a few. Multiple proxy wars can occur simultaneously in a country and around the world. They can fight Trans National too. External Nations who do not want to send their troops to support proxy Wars. So, they involve by funding, military training, arms, or other forms of material help which are required (but few Nations like Pakistan's ISI take Funds and send their men too). They do not directly involve in the hostilities.


A proxy war occurred with significant effects between the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war period. In Vietnam War, Russia stood against America, while in Afghanistan, America stood against Russia. Presently Russia uses proxies in Ukraine, and the United States often does so in its operations in the Middle East and Africa, supporting the Kurdish “People’s Protection Unit” against the Islamic State in Syria and working with armed groups in Libya to fight against the terrorists there. U.S. struggle against terrorism in parts of Africa and the Middle East involves working with local forces or governments to get them to more aggressively go after groups linked to Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State. According to a 2018 article by Philip Bump in the Washington Post, there were “around 5,000 American service members died” in the Iraq war.


The most devastating proxy wars are happening in the Middle East, specifically in Yemen and Syria. Saudi Arabia in the Gulf and Iran in the North do this by intervening in civil wars in smaller countries, which are vulnerable to collapse. Both wars also exemplify major issues like extreme poverty and famine, internal displacement, and mass humanitarian need. All of these factors impact civilians and their security. The conflict has resulted in the Syrian Civil War, the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the current civil war in Yemen, and the re-emergence of the Taliban.   


Proxy War Effect On India


Pakistan is waging a direct proxy war on India since its formation as it cannot win India in conventional warfare. So Pakistani intelligence community planned to destabilize India by preoccupying the military with internal security duties than at the border. Pakistan is giving Training, Money, Weapons, drugs, indoctrinating Indian minorities with Religious fever, targeting Sikhs, and more through ISI Army and its State Machinery. They are making the Proxy war dirty, dangerous and difficult. Parliament Attack, Mumbai Blasts, Pathankot Attack, and recently targeting Jammu Air Force Base with Drones with IEDs during peacetime are few examples.


What is worrisome about Proxy war in the subcontinent is the survival of Pakistan as a Nation. Because of its proxy wars on India, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Azerbaijan, the conflicts prolong than a finished. So Pakistan has faced political costs with its economy and society in disarray. So Pakistan has surrendered totally to China with lease and sale of Land, Loans, and security. Its future looks grim.


Secondly, the Pakistani Taliban is becoming too dangerous for Pakistani ISI to handle as the Taliban is trying to regroup and become strong in Afghanistan. The Pakistan Taliban is now trying to regroup in Pakistan and demand its share of pie in power. They can bleed Pakistan now, then Pakistan bleeds others. So, is it facing its own Frankenstein it created?


Third, India announced that the game rules have changed by undertaking surgical strikes and other proactive measures. But Pakistan is not listening. It is trying to play the China card and Proxy Groups against India. However, Pakistan has been exposed for not speaking about Chinese brutalities against Muslims in Xinjiang Province.

Fourthly, Indian Establishments have answered well to the Turkish President, who came in support of the Proxy War of Pakistan in Jammu Kashmir, after 18 Years. Indian foreign minister Dr. Jaishankar visited Greece. Jaishankar has been quoted as telling the Greek City Times, “There is much more we can do.” Greece is hoping to get closer to India militarily. With the traditional Turkish Greco rivalry now spilling into the sea, there were tense moments last year over maritime boundaries and exploration rights. Greece is hoping that an alliance with India might make sense. The East Mediterranean has become a flashpoint, and in October last year, India and Greece met virtually to discuss the sensitive area. Both sides discussed the recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus, and Libya. It was also a message to Turkey that the two countries have also agreed to work towards the establishment of a Strategic Partnership.


Lastly, one can say that Proxy Wars against any Country by any Sovereign Nation is not good as it affects social economic and political set up and leads to war famine migration and death at large scale. It affects common people more than anybody else. The Worrisome is, most of the Proxy wars are fought in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, Third World, and developing countries. However, Pakistan is using all its muscle in this proxy war as a foreign policy on India but India as a democratic nation has exercised a range of political, diplomatic, economic, military options in response and telling Pakistan to mend. Finally, India is not only fighting a proxy war within but also is striving to put an end to the world. India is working to end the conflict on a bilateral, regional, and global level by visiting and meeting many like-minded countries. For the time being, proxy wars must halt.




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