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Presence of ‘Rohingya’ in Haryana a danger to security, law and order in state: VHP

WebdeskMar 23, 2021, 11:33 AM IST

Presence of ‘Rohingya’ in Haryana a danger to security, law and order in state: VHP

The increasing population of the ‘Rohingya’ community in Haryana state as well as in another part of the country is a danger to security, law and order in the state and country. According to information by Vinod Bansal National Convener of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) during his recent visit to Chandigarh told that data submitted by the Ministry of Home reveals that there are nearly 40000 intruders belonging to the ‘Rohingya’ community illegally residing in our country, whereas according to sources their actual number has been identified in lakhs, most of them residing in Jammu-Kashmir, Hyderabad, U.P, Rajasthan, Delhi NCR and Haryana states for which VHP is having sufficient evidence to prove their presence. Bansal told that nearly 600 ‘Rohingya’ families are residing in Mewat area in Haryana state living in small groups like refugees in rural slum localities and state government making all efforts to identify and wipe them out from the state and their population is growing day by day due to support and shelter provided by a handful of people of a community in Mewat area. Information reveals, ‘Rohingya’ families arrived as refugees started staying in huts when two years ago nearly 200 temporary huts in which ‘Rohingya’ refugees were staying were reported caught fire and completely burnt down under mysterious circumstances. According to VHP leader, families residing in these temporary huts burnt under mysterious circumstances was under a conspiracy by the occupants hoping that the Haryana state government will help them providing alternate residential accommodations for their stay but an investigation by the government revealed the truth when some of these families left the place and shifted to other districts in small groups. According to Dr Surinder Jain VHP National Secretary, nearly 200 ‘Rohingya’ families are still residing in slum rural localities in small groups in the Mewat area in Haryana state at present and the remaining families shifted to other towns in the state in Faridabad, Gurugram and Yamunanagar districts. According to a state government spokesperson, it is very difficult to identify ‘Rohingya’ families most of them having Aadhar Card, Ration Card and Voter Card got prepared on the basis of fake documents. Jain disclosed, most of ‘Rohingya’ families arrived in the country during the year 2008 started staying illegally in backward localities at Delhi when VHP started a campaign against them and most of the families migrated to other states and a large number of them shifted to nearby Mewat area in Haryana state supported by a handful of people of a community in Mewat area, whereas most of the refugee families shifted and took shelter to other states including Hyderbad, U.P, Rajasthan and Jammu-Kashmir. Past scenario reveals, the government in Myanmar when constituted a nationality law and finished the status of citizenship of ‘Rohingya’ community compelling them to leave the country and army men from Bangladesh present at the borders started living in relationship with the widows and those lost their lives and later on when they returned to Bangladesh left these females with whom they stayed in a live-in relationship, nor accepted grown-up children delivered by them during live-in relationship period and many of them entered in our country illegally, later started efforts to seek citizenship in the country. VHP leaders told that the Indian government is not prepared to accept these ‘Rohingya’ refugees suspected of having links with terrorist groups and antisocial elements across the world posing a danger to the security of our country as well as disclosing the secrets of our army to rival countries. According to Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khatter, the search for ‘Rohingya’ refugees illegally residing in Haryana state is going on and the state government has already started work on preparing Family Aadhar Cards for permanent residents in the state to be included in the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Information reveals, former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda too appreciate this step by the ruling state saying that presence of ‘Rohingya’ refugees in Haryana state as well as in the country posing a severe threat to the security and should not be permitted to stay in Haryana.


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