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Post-poll Death of South 24 Pargana’s Arindam Middye--Ceaseless Saga of Infiltration in West Bengal

WebdeskJun 11, 2021, 11:44 AM IST

Post-poll Death of South 24 Pargana’s Arindam Middye--Ceaseless Saga of Infiltration in West Bengal

It has been apparent from data work that West Bengal violence is Hinducidal in nature & Hindus are dying as they offered blunt electoral rejection to TMC in the 2021 Election. From the analysis of comprehensive election data, it became apparent that 62% of casted Hindu votes went in favour of the BJP. Such claim was derived by analysis of Election data available mainly from two sources.


1. Booth wise election results (published by ECI)

2. Voters' lists of corresponding booths


As ECI does not publish community wise distribution of casted votes, the analysis has been done by thorough manual scrutiny of individual electoral rolls to derive community wise distribution of voters in sampled booths. Community wise distribution thus obtained were then mapped over booth wise results published by ECI correspondingly for those sampled booths. It would be relevant to present booth wise scenario of some booths from amongst the sampled ones especially of those which were marred by post-poll mayhem. For example, as Arindam Middye of Falta, South 24 Parganas had been found hanging from a tree on May 16, it would be pertinent to present the electoral outcome of the booth which 43 years’ old Arindam Middye, s/o Hiren Middye was a voter of. It was booth no. 205 of Falta Assembly Constituency where Arindam was voter number 870. A total number of electorates of this booth are 934 out of which 734 are Hindus and 200 Muslims. Total voter turnout was 853 in this booth making percentage voter turnout (853/934 multiplied by 100) 91.33%. Given below are number of votes casted in favour of different political parties in booth number 205, Falta.


BJP 421 votes

TMC 394 votes

CONG 11 votes

OTHERS 21 votes

NOTA 6 votes


BJP won in this booth getting 62.83% of casted Hindu votes. As total average voter turnout of this booth is 91.33%, it would be statistically unbiased to assume that 91.33% of both Hindus & Muslims casted their votes. This implies 91.33% of total 734 Hindus = 670 Hindus & 91.33% of total 200 Muslims = 183 Muslims casted their votes in this booth. Abdur Rejjak Molla represented Congress in Falta Assembly Constituency who received 11 votes in this booth. Assuming all these 11 votes were casted by Muslims, which political party could have most probably garnered the rest 183 – 11 = 172 Muslim votes of this booth? Assuming TMC had garnered them, TMC’s total number of votes from Hindus were 394 – 172 = 222. Moreover, if all 11 votes of Congress’s Abdur Rejjak Molla didn’t come from Muslims as assumed above, then TMC’s Hindu vote share is likely to go further down. Arguments may be raised challenging the assumption that all 172 Muslim votes went to TMC. Conjectures may come that BJP too could have garnered some of those 172 Muslim votes. In reality, two assumptions that all votes of Congress came from Muslims & all votes of BJP came from Hindus are two self-balancing assumptions, thus keeping the end result unaltered. However, assuming TMC got maximum 222 Hindu votes in booth number 205, BJP got 421 votes which were maximum likely to have come solely from Hindus. Hinducidal post poll violence logically corroborates with such deduction. This numerically implied BJP’s votes from Hindus were almost double that of TMC’s. Arindam Middye’s death may, hence, be inferred to be political vengeance against Hindus as large number of them voted against TMC.


Who declared it a crime to vote against TMC in Falta? They say he’s Jahangir, Falta’s key person of Yuva Trinamool led by Abhishek Banerjee. Having murder charge & court order against him, Jahangir roamed free having full control of bombs & arms of his area. During pre-election time, an original inhabitant of Falta expressed his apprehension- “there’d be no Election here as Jahangir would decide who’d vote & who won’t.” “Hindus of Falta won’t be able to reach corresponding booths,” he added. Another old TMC leader of Falta, Bhaktaram Mondal hardly responded to any of my questions over phone before Election & remained almost tongue-tied. Such people had lost hope for any kind of electoral changes. Sources informed many people of different Assemblies of South 24 Parganas had been displaced from their home stations so that they couldn’t turn up to vote. A viral video had shown Jahangir was close not only to Abhishek, but also to West Bengal CM who wanted him to ‘operate’ in Canning too along with Falta.


Even against the backdrop of such spine-chilling terror, 421 Hindus silently consolidated behind BJP. As per sources, anti-TMC Hindus communicated to each other by winking of eyes while they verbally supported TMC and gathered in TMC’s party offices post casting of votes. Arindam had to die as he was no silent voter but a BJP Karyakarta. 421 Hindu votes out of 670 in booth no. 205 rendered a decent share of 62.83% of Hindu votes to BJP. Arindam’s death was perhaps a terrorizing retaliation. It might be remembered that according to our analysis of huge number of booths spread over West Bengal with extensive variation in religious distribution, 62% of all casted Hindu votes of West Bengal went to BJP on an average. Booth 205 of Falta is no exception.


Demography of all assemblies of West Bengal near border have been changing steadily due to ceaseless infiltration cornering original inhabitants of the places. Demography of Booth no. 205 clearly displays Muslim infiltration.

Booth 205 has two parts, first part being BINDUPARA & MISTRYPARA and second part-MONDALPARA & MIDDYAPARA. In the context of this particular booth, Bindu, Mistry, Mondal, Middya are Hindu surnames (because, though Mondal and Mistry can well be Muslim surnames too, but through manual scrutiny of individual voter’s names of this booth, no evidence of any Muslim Mondal or Muslim Mistry’s existence amongst them was found) & the places under booth 205 are named after these surnames indicating Bindu, Mistry, Mondal, Middya are original inhabitants of this place. However, at present, Part 1 of booth 205 has 591 total electorates containing 69 BINDUs & only 1 MISTRY left with 154 Muslim voters. How could BINDUPARA, MISTRYPARA, (places named after BINDUs & MISTRYs) lose people with these surnames while already accommodating 154 Muslims? Infiltration is the only viable explanation. Where did MISTRYs of MISTRYPARA go?


Part 2 of booth 205 has 343 total electorates containing 68 MONDALs & 21 MIDDYAs & MIDDYEs left with 46 Muslim voters at present. Why MONDALPARA, MIDDYAPARA, places named after MONDALs & MIDDYAs are fast losing people with these surnames? Why MIDDYAPARA is left with only 21 MIDDYAs & MIDDYEs? It shows these people are facing immediate existential threats & Arindam Middye’s death could be interpreted as an exhibition of the same.


A huge fraction of TMC voters are infiltrators and it would be a crying failure of the UNION OF INDIA if an effective project to restore original, partition time demography of West Bengal is not taken up.


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