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Nothing new, just another case of classic corruption by DMK

WebdeskMar 12, 2021, 12:00 AM IST

Nothing new, just another case of classic corruption by DMK

Another incident has happened in Tamil Nadu, which proves DMK’s scientific corrupt activities. To avoid tax raids on DMK Trust, the party disowned its treasurer Durai Murugan by duping the Court.   We have seen in cinemas heroes in dual roles to take vengeance against the villain. But in real life, the DMK claimed in a court that its trustee and former treasurer, now general secretary Durai Murugan and the Durai Murugan from whom crores of rupees in bundles with ward wise list intended for distribution for his son’s election in Vellore in March 2019 is not the same.   The New Indian Express carried an expose, detailing how the DMK tried to hoodwink the court and the people by claiming both are not same. The irony is the court asked the IT department to prove both Durai Murugan are the same! The learned Judge did not ask the DMK to produce the Aadhar, driving license, voter ID or passport to prove their claim. If it produced, their lie would have come to light.   According to report DMK itself made such a claim in a writ petition filed in January 21st of this year. DMK Rajya MP and advocate RS Bharati, who spoke that because of alms of DMK SC could become judges in High Courts, submitted in his petition that the D Durai Murugan, who was raided in Katpadi in Vellore district and whose son Kathir Anand, now a Lok Sabha Member, is not the same Duraimurugan who is the general secretary and permanent trustee of the DMK trust. He said that the person raided was D Durai Murugan while their trustee is simply Durai Murugan without initial ‘D”. In support of his claim, former DMK minister and organizing secretary of DMK, K Ponmudi filed an affidavit to this effect. He repeated what Bharati claimed in his writ petition.   On coming to know of this disowning development, the Income Tax department became stock-still and did not know what to do. With little patience and diligence, its officials scouted for evidence, like finding a needle in a haystack. As luck would have it, a property patta of agricultural land owned by Durai Murugan was found. In the patta document issued by a Tehsildar, Katpadi dated 4th April 2005, with a photo of D Durai Murugan was found. The photo was the clinching evidence to prove that the D Durai Murugan, who was raided by the IT department is the same Duraimurugan, the DMK general secretary. When it was produced in the court chaired by Judge Anita Sumant. Caught red hand, the DMK objected no fresh documents could be produced in the court. The judge ruled out the objection and is expected to be heard the case soon before disposing of it.   It is a million-dollar question, why the DMK when the elections are to be held soon, disown general secretary and permanent trustee Duraimurugan? It is very simple. The IT department had transferred the case of DMK Trust from the charitable exemption wing of the department to the assessment wing to coordinate the probe of D Duraimurugan raid case with the DMK Trust accounts because D Duraimurugan is also the trustee of the DMK trust. To preempt a probe into its trust accounts, DMK tried to fool not only the court, IT department and the people. It is like Tamil saying “trying to hide a pumpkin in a handful of cooked rice”.   BJP state treasurer S R Sekar said in an interview with Shree TV, “ For the entire pot, it is sufficient to test the single rice for the desired level of cooking” and “By closing the eyes, the cat goes with the wrong impression that it is not being watched or the world has become dark”. These two Tamil sayings are sufficed to prove how DMK is fooling people to hide its frauds. It is in their blood and in their cells. They have openly said and now exposed their true colour to the world. It looked childish. They tried to fool all by using the initial. They have a thick skin”.   When Karunanidhi was asked who he lived with on Oliver Road in a bid to embarrass him in the state assembly, Karunanidhi had tied the knot with Dayalu but he had also taken Rajathi as his wife. It was she who stayed with him at Oliver Road residence. Karunanidhi very technically and cleverly said, “ Rajathi is my daughter Kanimozhi’s mother”. He was not apologetic or secretive about his bigamy status. His linguistic skill helped him to tide over the embarrassment in public. Till his last breath, he called Rajathi as his companion (Thunaivi).   Tamil vlogger Maridhas in a video listed out more instances of corruption by DMK. When Karunanidhi was asked how Rs.10 crore (current worth Rs.10,000 crore) allotted to clean the Coovum river when CN Annadurai was Chief Minister. The then PWD minister Karunanidhi replied that the money was spent for the safety of workers as they were panicked by the sighting of crocodiles in the river”. Crocs never live in muddy swage water. In another incident, quoting RS Sarkaria commission, he said, 30,000 bags of sugar (current worth Rs.50,000 crores were missing from the government warehouse. Karunanidhi gave a bizarre explanation. He said that while ants ate the sugar, another set of white ants ate the gunny bags as well”. Maridhas called Karunanidhi is “father of corruption".   The AIADMK leaders quoting Justice Sarkaria who probed the allegations of excess and irregularities during DMK rule, said that DMK’s scientific corruption which cannot proved easily. They used to give an example of saying, if we ask our(AIADMK) cadres to steal groundnuts from a field, they would go and uproot the plant leaving behind a trail of evidence. But if you ask a DMK cadre to do the same he would dig below the field and remove only the groundnuts leaving the plant intact in its place. This is what we call ‘scientific corruption”.   Now in the Durai Murugan case also the DMK wants to adopt the scientific corruption ways to save the trust from being investigated it disowned its former treasurer.


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