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Not Radheshyam Salim is the real accused in Delhi's Nangal case' residents of Nangal Raya told the truth!

WebdeskAug 04, 2021, 09:08 PM IST

Not Radheshyam Salim is the real accused in Delhi's Nangal case' residents of Nangal Raya told the truth!

The villagers have staged a protest by blocking the national route after the case came to light.


 The allegation of a 9-year-old child raped in Delhi's Nangal Raya hamlet is getting traction. On this issue, all political parties are converging on Nangal village to bake their political bread. This occurrence has sparked a great deal of rage among the locals. They've staged a sit-in protest in front of the village by blocking the national route.


Know what the Whole matter is


In Delhi's Nangal Raya, there is a drinking water deficit. The residents of the community have to go a long distance to fetch water. At around 5.30 p.m., a 9-year-old girl from the same hamlet went to fetch water from the faucet at the adjoining cremation ground's gate. However, after about 40 minutes, representatives from the crematorium arrived at the girl's parents' home. The girl's parents claimed that something had occurred to their daughter. They were sprinting to the ghat. When I arrived, the girl was already dead. Her lips had gone a deep shade of blue; the hands also had burn marks on it. The girl died of electrocution, according to the crematorium staff.


The process of cremation of the dead body was then hurriedly commenced in the presence of the family. The villagers were informed about the tragedy here. A large group of enraged peasants gathered near the ghat. They doused the half-burned corpse in water to put out the fire. The locals also beat up the staff at the cremation. After this, the police came with the forensic team and finally took away the remaining part of the corpse for forensic examination.


Salim, not Radheshyam, is the rapist-murderer


When Organiser spoke to the local residents at the protest site, we discovered a slew of disturbing truths. "Actually four to five people dwell in the local cremation ground," Mukesh Bagga, a villager, said. Radheshyam looks after that ghat. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., he was at the ghat. The other three individuals have also arrived. Salim, on the other hand, remains in the cremation ground indefinitely. It was around 5.30 p.m. when the girl went to get some water. Radheshyam had returned to his home. At the time, Salim was present. After the Incident, Salim called Radheshyam, a resident of adjacent Sagarpur village. Radheshyam came to the town to the girl's parents after learning about this incident.


According to Rahul, another rural resident, "The police must determine whether or not the girl was raped. But, if nothing went wrong and she died as a result of electrocution, why were the girl's final rites conducted so quickly? If that's the case, who did it?" Salim, according to Rahul, is a drug addict.


Chandrashekhar and Rahul Gandhi Both Visited the Dharna Site


It's worth noting that Chandrashekhar Azad, the head of the Bhim Army, and his supporters had to flee the demonstration location. After learning about the event, Chandrashekhar Azad Ravana proclaimed his intention to visit Nangal Raya village in Delhi. Following that, Bhim Army followers arrived at the village's dharna site. Soon after the supporters arrived, Chandrashekhar appeared as well. Supporters petitioned the dharna organizers to allow Chandrashekhar Azad to sit on the stage, but the organizers refused. Following this, there was a lot of debate among Bhim Army activists and organizers. The locals eventually forbade Chandrashekhar from climbing the stage. After that, Chandrashekhar and the Bhim Army's supporters quietly left the area.


Rahul Gandhi also met a 9-year-old Dalit girl's parents in Delhi's Nangal village. Rahul Gandhi met with the girl's family this morning and promised to fight for justice like other Delhi leaders. After he visited the protest area, Rahul tweeted his picture with the victim's parent's, revealing the victim's identity.


In a news conference today, BJP's Sambit Patra said that Rahul Gandhi's tweet breaches Section 23 of the POCSO Act and Section 74 of the Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act, which bans revealing minors identify. He divulged the identities of the child's relatives and is exploiting the situation for political gain.


However, a report has been filed against the crematorium's personnel under many other statutes, including the POCSO and SC-ST. The samples were transferred to a forensic lab for analysis. In addition, four suspects, including Salim, have been captured and sentenced to prison, while one suspect remains at large.


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