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Nazeer Khan Murder: Demand for NIA probe grows, SDPI-PFI role suspected

WebdeskApr 20, 2021, 12:06 PM IST

Nazeer Khan Murder: Demand for NIA probe grows, SDPI-PFI role suspected

Demand for the NIA probe is growing into the murder of Autodriver Nazeer khan in Tamil Nadu, as the SDPI and PFI have shown their prowess and also proved their capabilities in creating fear among the locals. They have also urged the NIA to make a thorough investigation into their background and people behind, their money and other supports. This was a murder for drug sale and controlling the auto stand between members of two Muslim groups belonging to the SDPI party. Nazeer khan (31), resident of Vandawasi in Thiruvannamalai district, earned his living by driving auto. He has two children and lived with his wife Shakeena. He and another auto driver Masthan had issues over forming an association for auto drivers operating from Vandawasi Taluk office Raod near Amma Canteen. Both had previous enmity as to who would become chief of the association. On November 21, 2020, Damodharan, Dharnidharan all supporters of Nazeer Khan allegedly kidnapped Mashan and assaulted him and warned him to clash with Nazeer Khan. Based on the complaint from Masthan, police arrested Nazheer Khan, Damodharan, Dharanidharan and the trio came out on bail in January 18th this year. Nazeer Khan bid goodbye to driving auto, set up a chicken pakoda shop at Cheyyar Mangal Crossroad. Some say he was working with a mutton chop. On April 7th, Nazeer khan and his wife Shakeena were returning home with a bike. A ten-member group covering their face attacked Nazheer Khan at the Vandawasi Union primary Muslim School. it is learnt that Nazheer Khan tried to escape from them started running. But the gang chased him after encircled him started attacking with a machete. He succumbed to stab injuries lying in a pool of blood. They gang cut his throat after hacked him in several parts of his body including head, shoulder. The gang switched off the power to get caught in CCTV cameras. On hearing the murder incident, his relatives and friends gathered at the spot and informed the police. Police filed a case and are investigating. Police found that the rival gang had been following Nazheer for the past ten days to find out his movements. They also conducted recces before staging their final act. They were waiting for the opportune time to murder him. Police formed special teams to arrest the 10 member gang that hacked him the death. He was killed at a time when there were several criminal cases were pending against Nazeer Khan. Meanwhile a fact-finding committee formed by Islamic fundamentalist group Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Khagam (TMMK) and left parties comprising of advocates in its report concluded that it was a pre-mediated murder. It says “conspiracy to murder him has been hatched for several days. The slain Nazheer Khan and his attackers Masthan, Noorullah, John Basha, Ameen, Ajaas, Azane, nazheer Usane were in a same party (SDPI) and were close friends. We found that there had been the previous enmity between Nazheer Khan and Masthan for several years. Nazeer and A2 Noorullah were blood relations and were not in good terms in the past. The main reason for the murder is the sale of cannabis which has been in raise in the past five years. Had the police handled the case in an appropriate way, murder would have been averted. A day before the murder, in the police station in the presence of SI, Masthan, Noorullah had threatened that they would kill Nazeer. This creates a suspicion. After the murder main accused Masthan and slain Nazheer, the way the party (SDPI) handled their issue was not correct. When a political which is growing should know how to act on good principles. It should have acted upon its members if they behaved badly either removing or suspending or other disciplinary actions. “ Do whatever you do and the party will take care of mentality: is clearly seen. Police acted in a biased manner. It filed cases against opposite side ie Masthan side and not filed any cases against Nazheer’s brother Shan basha and Munna. We could not meet any members of the SDPI as they were out of station to get version. Exerting pressure on police, SDPI had forced the police to things the way they wanted which was clearly visible in this case. Police have not collected all evidence related to the murder also proved they are acting on the behest some political party. We want the CID to prove the case. The murder took place in a thickly populated area. We want the police the take necessary action to protect from the fear they have been undergoing. According to Witness 1 said the slain auto driver ( a former SDPI functionary) supremacy overrunning the auto stand was the prime reason for murder. Witness 3 said that the owner of the house where Masthan is a tenant said he is a drug addict and is selling cannabis. He had complained to police several times about this. Police failed to act on his complaints which led to the murder. Eyewitness Muthavalli Umar now retracted his statement said refused to answer questions from us. We feel he is under pressure not to open his mouth. Nazeer's wife gave a statement of a true account of events ”. The fact-finding committee considering economic background victim’s wife recommended that the state government should give Rs. 10 lakh compensation to the Nazeer family. SDPI taking responsibility for the murder, should give 25 lakh rupees to Nazheer’s family. TN government should give job to his wife. Jamaat should give special attention to stop its members from selling drugs and becoming addicts to it.


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