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Muslims encroaches temple land in Tamil Nadu

WebdeskJul 29, 2021, 12:50 PM IST

Muslims encroaches temple land in Tamil Nadu

People who visited the temple with permission from the Forest department have shocked to see the sketches of Islamic symbols (crescent and 786) in green colour. 


Some recent incidents in the Tirunelveli district involving Muslims attempting to remove the cornerstone with Trisul inscriptions and encroachment of Athri hills have incurred the wrath of the Hindus.


Tamil Nadu is eating like cake for minorities and politicians in encroaching lands belonging to Hindu temples and getting the shops allotted to them using their influence with the powers. Time and again, it has been reported, discussed, moved to courts besides protests by Hindu outfits and devotees.


Courts have been telling “Hindu temple lands can’t be alienated for purposes other than clearly mentioned in the endowments. HC made it clear that God is the perpetual owner of the same given by the devotees. The state government should protect the properties, idols and lands as custodians, and they have no rights to sell, lease, acquire for public purposes. But it is not strictly followed. TN H R and CE minister Sekar Babu has been mooting several schemes purely against the well-established norms. He has recently floated an idea that old jewellery donated to temples would be converted into gold bars and deposited in banks as part of revenue generation. There has been no takers for this idea. He has been visiting and claiming retrieval of temple lands worth several crores orally with no convincing records. The government is not taking serious steps. The demand for administration to be left with devotees is hitting the air once again.


In the Tirunelveli district, some Islamic outfits attempted to encroach the Athri hills in Alwarkurichi has come to the fore. Anusuya Devi Sameda Atri Parameswarr temple and Siddhar Korakkar peetam in Athri hills are administered by the HR and CE department. The Athri Ganga Jal (Theertham) is like the Ganges. It is a perennial river and has a rare white turtle. The river does not turn dry in Summer.


During the summer months, it receives water from River Kadana. It is flowing perennially. It has now come to light that Islamic organizations are currently occupying these spiritual hills. People who visited the temple with permission from the Forest department have shocked to see the sketches of Islamic symbols (crescent and 786) in green colour. Siddhar, the immortal saints, have said to be lived here.


The devotees, who visited the hills, said the temple's rocks are inscribed with the words “Allah”, an Islamic symbol of aligning figureless God, the crescent moon, and the number 786. The Muslims are using these” Complaints have been given to HR and CE, forest and police departments to stop the hills from being taken over by the Muslim mafia.




Near Tirunelveli town at Chokkattan Thoppu, in a land belonging to the famous Nellaiappar temple canal, Muslims attempted to remove the Trisul inscribed cornerstones. On hearing the same, Hindu Munnani Melapalayam Secretary Sudalai, Mandal chief Sankar, Mani and others rushed to the spot. The EO of the temple Ramaraj Suddamalli has stopped removing cornerstones by Muslim instigated people. Police appealed to them to see the documents on both sides and continue their work. The people of the village have succeeded in the illegal removal of the cornerstones from the temple lands.


Another Hindu Munnani functionary Er. Arumu Kani said we have fought over removing words from the name board put up at the burial grounds. The DMK government has subtly removed the word Hindu from Hindu Burial and crematorium. It was set right after protests. Then they started issuing statements without the word “Hindu Religious”. It merely says “Charitable and Endowment” Dept after dropping the word ‘Hindu’. The image of the sign at the Kanyakumari HR and CE superintendent office is the proof. It is an attempt, says Hindu Munnani sources, to slowly include Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians under the fold diluting the majority Hindu community. They say it is a hidden agenda of the government, as all the key posts are filled with Christians. Right from CM secretariat to down the line.”


In Madurai Tiruparankundram, they built a mosque atop the hill and are denying the Hindus to light the Karthigai Deepam. Muslims took another hill and threw away the Hindu gods in Dindigul. In Pudukottai District, all the idols in a Chola era temple were recently beheaded. At the same time, in the Ranipet district, Amman statues were disrobed, and semen was ejaculated over the deities in the historic Panchalingeswar temple. These are only the tip of the iceberg, and the list is long under the Dravidian rule.


Devotees and the public have demanded that government should take proper steps to conserve the Historic temples in the hills and other places in Tamil Nadu. The perpetrators should be dealt with sternly.


Meanwhile, a one-metre tall statue of twin figures believed to be of those of the Maruthu Pandiyar brothers, freedom fighters, was discovered in a dry tank bed at a village near Kadaladi in Ramanathapuram district.


Archaeological activist E Vijayaramu, who found the stone figure, said the statue was overturned and buried, but nobody was interested in finding out what it was. It was big and heavy. It could be those of Chera Chieftains Ponnar Shankar (990 AD to 1020 AD) or the Maruthu Pandiyar Chieftains of Sivaganga (born in 1783 to 1801). Ponnar Shankar has been idolized and worshipped in Temples to date, and their statues are usually very elaborately decorated with chains and jewellery to show them like deities. The twin figure is worshipping position”.


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