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Muslim fanatics growing in number across Bangladesh a matter of concern

WebdeskAug 10, 2021, 05:38 PM IST

Muslim fanatics growing in number across Bangladesh a matter of concern



Guwahati: Slowly but steadily the Muslim fanatics are growing their numbers in Bangladesh and relentless attacks on temples and Hindu villagers inside the eastern neighbour to Bharat only reflect the ground reality. Continued incidents of harassment to non-Muslim families in Bangladesh emerge as a major concern to the Indian patriotic citizens.


Lately, a nationalist citizen’s forum came out with a media statement urging the Union government in New Delhi to deal with the Bangla government in Dhaka seriously. Patriotic People’s Front Assam reminded that every patriotic citizen of Bangladesh fought for its independence against the colonial British regime and later the brutal Pakistani forces.


They also suffered a lot for their hard-earned independence. Hence, all Bangladeshi nationals, irrespective of their religious believes, have right to live a dignified life and the Sheikh Hasina led Awami League government in Dhaka must ensure safety and security to every minority citizen in the south-Asian nation, asserted the forum.


In the latest disturbing incident, a group of miscreants vandalized six temples, defaced several idols, ransacked shops and houses belonged to Hindu families at Shiali village under Rupsha Upazila of Khulna locality on 7 August 2021.

It started with a religious procession of female devotees from Purba Para temple to Shiali Mahasmashan temple. As the Hindu ladies crossed a mosque chanting the Kirtan, a form of devotional songs, the local preacher of a mosque on their way had objected to the procession.


It led to a heated argument between the Hindu devotees and the Islamist cleric. Later a group of Islamists arrived in Shiali village at night hours and desecrated the temples along with Hindu idols. Other personal properties were also damaged by the vandals. Recently, the exiled Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen reacted to the Khulna incident with pain. She twitted, “I wrote Lajja 29 years ago. I described how Hindus were persecuted by Muslim fanatics in Bangladesh and governments failed to protect the minority community.


The same heinous acts are still going on.” PPFA opined that the people of Bangladesh must not forget the contributions of Indian armed forces during their freedom movement against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After independence, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman assured equal opportunities to every Bengali national irrespective of their religion and ethnicities.


“That principle should not be diluted in fear of the radicals,” stated the forum adding when Bangladesh was born in 1971 every citizen of the Muslim dominated country identified as a Bengali speaking nationally. But the recent incidents prove that the exclusive linguistic


identity has also failed to give essential social securities to the religious minorities in the country, observed the forum.



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