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Missionaries doing large scale conversion tempting poor Sanatani in upper Assam: World Hindu Federation

WebdeskAug 26, 2021, 12:00 AM IST

Missionaries doing large scale conversion tempting poor Sanatani in upper Assam: World Hindu Federation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dibya Kamal Bordoloi


Guwahati: The Christian missionaries continue large scale religious conversion in upper Assam using ways of deceit and temptation. Alleged World Hindu Federation, Assam. In a press meet, WHF state president and Satradhikar of Auniati Grihasrami Satra Janarddan Dev Goswami ureg the government to stop such illegal religious conversion by enacting proper law. He further stated that the conversion is taking place, luring poor Sanatani people in the name of providing medical, educational facilities and financial benefits. The conversion pace is so high that there are now 66 Churches in Majuli against 34 Sattras.


This development has come up in recent decades to Majuli, the spiritual hub of the Vaishnavite culture. It has become a challenge for the cultural identity of the Sattra town. Dev Goswami regrets that lower Assam is in the grasp of migrant Muslims, and Christian missionaries are targeting upper Assam for religious conversation. WHF state president added that Christian missionaries are now targeting the devotional creations of Guru Shankar Dev for conversion.


To save the Sanatani from such aggression, tough law should be enacted against religious conversion by the state government as soon as possible. State general secretary of WHF Balen Baishya stated that political and international forces are involved in religious conversions. More than a dozen people have been arrested for supporting the Taliban, and these supporters are not illiterate. If proper action is not taken at the right time, the situation will worsen, he added.



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