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Millions of Afghans could face starvation: UN food chief

WebdeskAug 25, 2021, 12:00 AM IST

Millions of Afghans could face starvation: UN food chief
Afghanistan food crisis

International countries and institutions have stopped their aid to Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country.


Afghanistan, which is already going through a tough phase because of the Taliban takeover, might face starvation if the world leaders don't act fast.

Millions of Afghans could soon face starvation because of a combination of conflict, drought, and the coronavirus pandemic, the executive director of the World Food Programme, David Beasley, told Reuters on Tuesday (August 24). He said, "There's a perfect storm coming because of several years of drought, conflict, economic deterioration, compounded by Covid. The number of people marching towards starvation has spiked to now 14 Million," said the executive director.

Afghanistan is facing economic as the world countries and institutions started to withhold aid and monetary reserves after The Taliban insurgents took over Afghanistan on August 15.

The WFP is warning of a human catastrophe looming in Afghanistan if the United Nations agency cannot raise US$200 million by September. Beasley said he was worried about whether the food agency could raise the US$200 million and hoped Qatar, Gulf Arab states, United States would contribute. He said the Afghanistan citizens need aid, and the number of people needing the WFP help could double if the international community turn their back on Afghans. He said the Taliban had provided assurances to the WFP to allow its aid to continue to reach the people unimpeded and were not taxing their aiding vehicles.

His warning comes as the World Health Organisation (WHO) said it has enough supplies in Afghanistan that could last only a week after the medical equipment deliveries from abroad were blocked in Kabul because of restrictions. The agency also raised its concerns that the current upheaval could spike Covid-19 cases in the country. EU official announced on Tuesday said they ramped up the Afghan aid programme and would seek safety guarantee on the ground and coordination with the UN to deliver, as the bloc's executive and G-7 leaders prepare to discuss the crisis in the country.


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