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Jai Shri Ram: Rattled Mamata to bring censure motion in the special session of WB assembly

WebdeskJan 28, 2021, 07:07 AM IST

Jai Shri Ram: Rattled Mamata to bring censure motion in the special session of WB assembly

In sharp opposition to the Jai Shri Ram chants in the Netaji event at Victoria Memorial, the Trinamool Congress on Monday said that it will move a censure motion in the West Bengal assembly. TMC had been badly hit by the massive exodus of its leaders and workers to the BJP. Many of the political experts have predicted an electoral catastrophe for Mamata Banarjee in the upcoming West Bengal assembly election. By opposing the ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan, Mamata is hoping to appease the Islamists whose votes might otherwise shift to AIMIM and its ally Furfura Sharif’s political outfit. A censure motion is moved in a Legislative House to express strong disapproval of certain policies or acts. However, the opposition has said that they won't support the censure motion. The TMC is also set to pass a resolution against the three farm laws. Parliamentary Affairs Minister of West Bengal and Mamata's close aide, Partha Chatterjee was quoted by PTI saying, "The BJP is regularly insulting the icons of Bengal. No one has given them the right to insult our icons. On Saturday, The chief minister of our state was insulted. There can be political differences, but you can't insult the chief minister. We are thinking of bringing a censure motion against this in the upcoming session." A two-day special session of the West Bengal Assembly began on January 27.


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