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Why is Hindu Religious Leaders' Unity Required?

Pankaj Jayaswal

Pankaj JayaswalOct 28, 2021, 09:51 PM IST

Why is Hindu Religious Leaders' Unity Required?

The greatness of Sanatan Dharma is found in the freedom granted to its adherents. It allows each follower to choose any path, worship method, or god. There are no compulsions to follow any routine, path, or practises that are generally required in other religions. Many Hindu religious leaders and organisations, however, take this freedom for granted. The goal of Sanatan Dharma is to make life better for everyone in society by nurturing the environment and developing the nation spiritually, socially, and financially. Sanatan Dharma regards the entire world as "one family," and has never believed or acted to destroy any religion or country, despite being invaded more than 200 times.

This great faith has been repeatedly attacked; what could be the causes of these calamitous events?

If we look at the trend in Islam and Christianity, even minor events against their faiths cause widespread agitation, condemnation from all over the world, and, in few cases, violence. Their religious leaders, organisations, and adherents are unrivalled in their unity. However, there is a lack of unity among Hindu leaders, organisations, and followers. Many religious leader aspires to build his or her own world of followers and practises. This narrow mindset is the real threat to sanatan dharma and its long-term viability.

Whatever happened in Bangladesh against the minority Hindus was not a minor incident, still humanitarian organisations believed in remaining silent, but they interfere in even for a phoney issue for other religions and bring the issue to the world stage. This attitude toward Hindus is at the root of the lack of unity among Hindu religious leaders. When ISKCON declared everything in detail about the protest date and time, was it not the responsibility of all religious leaders to come forward and support the Hindu minority in Bangladesh?

When extremists and terrorists see that we are divided and weak, they use greater force to harm us, that's the reason we have been reduced to very few numbers in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Instead of having a broader vision for Dharma, Society, and Country, many Hindu religious leaders have narrowed their vision limiting only to own organisation and believe that their ritual practises are superior to all others, so they do not need to collaborate with similar other organisations and their leaders.

Our religious leaders must think and act in the manner of Ramdas Swami, who raised the great warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He fought valiantly against Mughal cruelty and invasion. He rallied everyone to drive out invaders and injustices in society as a whole. He halted religious conversion and saved Sanatan dharma from annihilation.

Lord Krishna's vast knowledge aided Arjuna in his fight against Adharma of the Kauravas.

Swami Vivekananda was mastered by the saint Ramkrishna Paramhans. The great swami spread the message and knowledge of Sanatan Dharma on international platforms, resulting in a positive wave and a solid foundation for Sanatan Dharma.

Acharya Chanakya elevated a poor boy named Chandragupta Mourya to the throne of Magadh. To make the state happy and healthy socially and economically, the great Chandragupta defeated Dhananand, a cruel king of the time.

Unfortunately, we are lacking such great religious leaders in this day and age who are focused on developing their followers to serve society and country with the right knowledge, intention, and might while adhering to the laws and regulations of the land.

If a nation wants to protect its people and borders from enemies, the only way to do so is to be united physically, mentally, socially, financially, and, most importantly, religiously. Only by instilling fear in our adversaries will we be able to protect our people and maintain peace without resorting to violence. The weak cannot comprehend the concept of "survival of the fittest." As a result, the unity of Hindu religious leaders and organisations should be a top priority. This will not only help to secure Hindus around the world, but will also propel our society and nation to greater heights. It will aid in the fight against many social ills and issues, allowing the government to take the necessary action for the benefit of society and the country.

Only through the unity of leaders can issues such as the drug menace, religious conversion, corruption, molestation and rapes, social unrest, mental health issues, poverty, and environmental protection be addressed and resolved. United leaders and organisations can collaborate with the government and judicial system to address these social issues for the benefit of all citizens of all faiths and castes.

Without few important laws, our country's growth is hampered, and social imbalance and unrest are on the rise. The population control bill, the Uniform Civil Code, Temple freedom, uniformity in the education system, strict anti-corruption laws, stricter laws against officers and politicians, the NRC, and the anti-conversion law,  Farmer bills, one nation, one vote, are critical for the betterment of society and the growth of a country. This is only possible if Hindu leaders band together.

The united Hindu religious leaders will foster harmony among different religions, and peace will reign. The growth engine will accelerate, and people around the world will begin to look differently and be drawn to sanatan dharma. When Hindus unite, everyone wins; when Hindus divide, only Hindus fall.

It is time for our religious leaders and organisations to put their agendas aside and unite to demonstrate global strength so that everyone's security is ensured. Every organisation and leader must work to develop leaders like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chandragupta Mourya, Swami Vivekanand, and Arjuna, the Great Warrior.

We need to keep in mind that every Government is bound to constitution so they have limited role to play. It is the unity of leaders and people makes the difference to make the drastic change in society and country.


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