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Arunachaleshwar Shiva Temples: Shiva’s Miracle

Dr Ujwala Chakradeo

Dr Ujwala ChakradeoOct 18, 2021, 03:06 PM IST

Arunachaleshwar Shiva Temples: Shiva’s Miracle

The most enchanting feature of Arunachaleshwar, an ancient Shiva temple, is its Shiv Lingam. This lingam is constantly radiating heat and energy despite installation of umpteen fans and sprinkling of cold water


Arunachaleshwar is a Shiva temple located in the village of Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, at the foot of the Arunachalam mountain. The temple is grand and ancient.

The temple is built on 25 acres of land. The temple is secured by magnificent stone walls on all four sides,  and there are four large gates-(Gopuram) in the middle of these walls. The eastern Gopuram is the largest and the main one. The artistry and method of construction of the temple is amazing. Construction, and magnificence of the temple is no doubt wonderful but the most enchanting component of the temple is its Shiv Lingam. This lingam is constantly radiating heat and energy. It is always very hot. As one starts approaching the Garbha Griha the presence of the Lingam is experienced with the heat. Right from the day of inception of the temple the lingam is continuously emitting heat. In spite of many fans installed in the interior of the temple and constant abhishek of cold water, the heat of the lingam has not been reduced. For centuries this miraculous phenomenon has been observed.

This temple and especially the lingam is the indicator of the agni tatva of the panchamahabhuta. Many researchers have tried to unfold the mystery behind the hot lingam. 

The answer probably is given in the   replica of the Shivlinga carved on one of the pillars in this temple. Which matches with the tesla coil theory put forward many centuries later.

Scientist Nicholas Tesla invented the Tesla coil in 1891. This  coil is used for maintaining good physical and mental health of individuals coming in its ambit. Scientists have tried to establish a connection between this Shivling and the Tesla coil.

Some say that the change in the atmosphere caused by this Shivlinga helps and moulds the mind of Bhakta towards meditation. This has been an experience of many that it is possible to enter into deep meditation in this temple complex without any efforts. This could be the reason for many rishis and Maharshis to make the place as their permanent abode. Many names like the well-known sage Ramana Maharshi are associated with this temple. This place is also called the place of liberation, 'mukti stal'.   



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