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So, innocent novice adolescents will bring the Red revolution

Pankaj Singh

Pankaj SinghOct 03, 2021, 05:28 PM IST

So, innocent novice adolescents will bring the Red revolution

The irony is that the Maoists who snatched their adolescent from these innocent teens even deprived these people of attending their parents' funeral.


Although the urban handlers of the Maoists do not get tired of describing the organization of the ultras as a group that protects the water, forest and land in the tribal areas, there have been tall claims of tribal support for this extremist violence through large articles and organized seminars.

But the unvarnished truth is that most of the people in Maoist organizations are inducted at gunpoint in their adolescents.
These youngsters from tribal groups of remote backward areas amidst dense forests are not only snatched away from their adolescents by the Left-Wing extremists, but at such a young age, they are forced to distribute red terror pamphlets and get trained.
The irony is that the Maoists who snatched their adolescent from these innocent teens even deprived these people of attending their parents' funeral.

All these tales are not part of a strategy to nurture a particular ideology on paper by the self-proclaimed social equality pioneers sitting inside air-conditioned rooms, but it is part of the testimony of those from whom the terrorists of this barbaric organization have snatched their childhood. 

All these things have come to the fore in a survey conducted by the Bastar Police on surrendered Maoists in the last 5-7 years. This survey was done on those Maoists on whom the government had declared a reward of 5 lakh or more. Exposing the barbaric face of Maoist organizations, it has come out in this survey that Maoists forcibly pick up 15-year-old children from gullible tribal groups at gunpoint to increase the manpower of their organization.

These adolescents include minor girls from tribal groups. Maoists not only force them to live with them in very difficult conditions amidst the jungles. Rather, at such a young age, they are also subjected to mental and physical abuse. At the same time, their mind is nourished with the delusional ideology of Red Terror by senior Maoists cadres. Inducted into the organization at gunpoint, these youngsters are not allowed to go anywhere at their will. They need to take care of the top Maoist cadres' needs and the challenge of keeping themselves alive in the dense forests.

After about two years of forced rigorous training, weapons are given to them, and by the time they are twenty years old, they become adept at wielding automatic weapons. If even after all this, the interests of the Maoist movement are not served, then medicines are also used to nurture these people who have entered puberty.

The rules of the organization in this context are so strict that hardly anyone can escape from it. In the name of bringing about the so-called Red Revolution, the Maoist leadership finds this inhuman experiment with these youths of tribal areas imperative for the organisation's interest. However, the leadership itself cunningly aloof themselves from it. One more interesting aspect is that the top leadership of these left-wing terrorists who are clamouring for social equality has always promoted Telugu supremacy under the Red Corridor.

The tribal groups of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal and Maharashtra, who have been forcibly made a part of this so-called revolution, have always faced discrimination at the organizational level. Many regional Maoists who have surrendered from Jharkhand to Chhattisgarh and Orissa have been vocal in this context and criticized the Maoist's top leadership. In reality, this organization, which dreams of changing the democratic system through violence to establish a dictatorial left-wing administration, has become a group of extortioners doing violence and exploitation on the local tribal groups by establishing the supremacy of regionalism. It would not be an exaggeration to say that by forcibly recruiting and arming youth from local tribal groups, the so-called Red Revolution that their urban handlers have been dreaming of for years is never going to come. The sooner the Maoist leadership realizes this, the more it will be in their interest.


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