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Seva Bharati Hands over Houses to Riot Victims

WebdeskSep 13, 2021, 06:08 PM IST

Seva Bharati Hands over Houses to Riot Victims
Seva Bharati has gifted 10 houses to victims of Bhainsa violence


In January 2020, hooligans launched indiscriminate, unprovoked attacks on the houses of unsuspecting and innocent Hindus living in the Korbagalli neighborhood of Bhainsa town. The houses were reduced to cinders and all household items including clothes and utensils and household appliances were totally damaged in these premeditated brutal attacks.

As a good samaritan, Seva Bharati promptly came to the rescue of these unfortunate victims providing immediate succor and restoring some confidence in the abject people whose hopes were shattered. Seva Bharati working in tandem with Keshav Seva Samiti constructed ten brand new houses at a cost of one crore rupees to be gifted to the ten affected families. 

On September 1, 2021, Parag Abhayankar, Akhila Bharatiya Seva Pramukh, handed over the new houses and a grand Samuhika Gruhapravesh was conducted. Almost all the victims come from underprivileged backgrounds. The beneficiaries included a small shopkeeper, a simple clerk, a widow and two farmers.

Speaking on the occasion, Parag Abhayankar stressed the need for unity among Hindus. “The Hindu society must inculcate self-confidence and mutual generosity,” he dressed. He elucidated various social service activities and projects undertaken by Seva Bharati and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Member of Parliament of Adilabad, Soyam Babu Rao, who also participated in the programme, condemned the ruthless attacks on the Hindus of Bhainsa and promised that he will stand by the Hindus in their hour of need.

Burla Dakshina Murthy, Sanghchalak of RSS Telangana, observed that Seva Bharati’s initiative in building new houses is very reassuring. The program was attended by all well-wishers.

During January 2020 disturbances in Bhainsa, as many as 12 houses were partially damaged and 10 houses were totally gutted. Even vehicles were systematically torched. Noticing the grief-stricken and crestfallen plight of the people, many of the local volunteers of Seva Bharati swung into action and with the support of philanthropists and provided immediate assistance like food grains, assurance and daily needs to the members of the 22 families.

Seva Bharati volunteers, after providing immediate comfort to the victims, planned to construct houses on the victims’ own sites so as to instil confidence among people. So much so that the work of construction of 10 houses was undertaken with the cooperation of Telangana state Seva Bharati and Keshav Seva Samiti, Bhagyanagar, and completed quickly.

Many donors came forward due to which Seva Bharti could fulfil the project of providing ten houses which actually accommodated as many as 50 persons.

Sarada, one of the beneficiaries averred that it is very heartening that the Keshav Seva Samiti and Seva Bharati could hand over the new houses that too in our own Basti in just 8 months’ time which has instilled confidence in us. She expressed her gratitude to the seva organisations. 


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