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Power of Repetition in Daily Life and Spiritual Growth

Bansi Mahajan

Bansi MahajanSep 07, 2021, 06:11 PM IST

Power of Repetition in Daily Life and Spiritual Growth

A repetition is an act of repeating and to be more in persuasion to repeat oneself in some activity. There is no wrong in repeating the right actions. Repetition largely improves performance. If one repeats something, again and again, happenings at the end of the process, will result in a long time memory. 

One of the laws of nature on memory explains that all human beings are said to have short-lived memory. To learn and remember exactly any matter is required for the constant repetition on the subject. This tool is very effective in keeping the memory fresh and functional. The different procedures for memorizing something is based on the concept of continuous living with repetitive acts. It will penetrate in the subconscious and conscious level of mind. Whenever anyone intends to retrieve the subject, it will connect without any control, while involving in some other fields. 

Developing the new good habits and discarding the bad ones, are also founded on the idea of repetition, pertaining repeated acts for one month. After following it for this period will help in acquiring the relevant good habits and getting rid of the nasty ruining habits. 

The learning processes are also principled on this idea of repetitive acts in any area of activity. It may be music, sports, arts, science, education, other areas etc. Learning comes with repetition on favoured subjects. 

To increase the awareness and consciousness level we have to condition the mind on its achievement and also need the act of conceiving on the sayings and doings over and over on particular goals or aims. Awareness is a sure panacea to cure all our sufferings. Concentration comes with practice on the goals of achieving higher awareness and consciousness levels which will assure the way for utilizing all our energies and potentialities. 

There is another angle of repetition influenced by the law of diminishing returns. That is related to different narrations it may be a story, it may be the jokes or talk of knowledge and wisdom or intelligent sayings. After listening to it for the one time, the repetition of the same for the second time will not be acknowledged so favourably as much as we have for the first hearing. When we listen to a very beautiful and intelligent joke, we appreciate it and get a good laugh, and on consequent listening, we don’t appreciate and enjoy it much. Any kind of hearing repetitive narrations of the same incident, again and again, is not recognised by the listeners. The people who are having the habit of repeating the same events are mostly ignored by the listeners. Repetition in these areas should be avoided. 

But the repetition for the field of higher and spiritual growth has a tremendous role. The whole concept of spiritual bliss is established on the repetition of the holy name. It imparts concentration on the target or on vision. The constant recitation of namjapa (chanting of holy name or the seed mantra) is the essential device for self-realisation.

Sri Krishna advises the yoga of practice (abhyasayogena) in chapters (12 - 9) of Bhagwad Gita. This is one of the effective paths suggested for god-realisation. The technique of mind control is also recommended with practice and meditation. Repetition gives concentration and paves the way for achieving the higher goal of spiritual growth and transcendental bliss. The power of repetition is the fundamental soul of the practice and attainment of summum bonum. 


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