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PFI active in Assam after the ban on Indian Mujahideen; PFI designed attack on police in Dhalpur eviction site: Claims Assam Minister, M.P

Dibya Kamal Bordoloi

Dibya Kamal BordoloiSep 24, 2021, 04:57 PM IST

PFI active in Assam after the ban on Indian Mujahideen; PFI designed attack on police in Dhalpur eviction site: Claims Assam Minister, M.P

1400 migrant Muslim encroaches family evicted, 1983 acres of government land cleared. Eviction to continue till the last family is evicted. Muslim migrants brutally killed 8 Hindu youth in the same area during Assam agitation. Hindu farmer was killed in a grazing field in the same location in 2017, too.


Guwahati: Attack on police and the district administration team at the Dhalpur eviction site by thousands of migrant Muslims was pre-planned by PFI, said BJP MP Dilip Saikia. Thousands of Muslims gathered at the eviction site in Dhalpur under Sipajhar constituency in Darrang district, attacked the police and officials to resist the eviction in the government land on Thursday (September 23). The BJP National General Secretary and local MP Dilip Saikia said around 5000 migrant Muslims attacked 400 police personnel surrounding them with stone, bamboo and sharp weapons. He also informed that these places are the epicentre of drug smuggling and various illegal and anti-national activities. All the attackers and miscreants were not locals. They were brought to the site to attack police with a pre-planned module, Saikia added.

Assam government spokesperson and cabinet minister Pijush Hazarika informed PFI is active in the state. After the ban on the Indian Mujahideen (IM), PFI actively worked amongst migrant Muslims in Assam. He also pointed out that after the ban on IM, its members are now working for PFI in Assam. Hazarika added that during the anti-CAA protest, PFI was mobilising the protest led by some Muslim leaders and a group of Muslim miscreants.

High-level police sources told 'Organiser' that trained organisers designed the attack on police in Dhalpur. When the encroachers agreed to vacate the place after discussion with the Deputy Commissioner, a group of miscreants hiding in vegetation in the pace started stone pelting on police. They attacked in a bow style, surrounding the police force with sharp weapons. This design is practised by organisation's like PFI, the police source said.

The whole episode of land grabbing by illegal migrant Muslims came to light when these people brutally killed one Assamese farmer, Ananda Das in November 2017. MP Dilip Saikia said the migrant Muslims are practising economic, population and religious aggression in these areas. They forcefully grabbed the lands belonging to the indigenous people. They are grabbing fertile government lands and earning crores of rupees through cultivation. In the last several years, they destroyed many Hindu religious institutions and grabbed lands belonging to temples and others. The migrant Muslims encroached almost 23 thousand acres of land in the Dhalpur, Garukhuti areas, Saikia added. 

Political Adviser to Assam chief minister and MLA Jayanta Malla Barua said that the attack on police in Dhalpur was pre-planned. Nearly 5000 people were gathered at the eviction site to prevent the eviction. These people were imported from other places to attack the eviction team. He added that this type of attack on the police force is a dangerous trend, and Assamese people should seriously think about it. Barua further added that 8 Assamese youth were brutally killed by these migrant Muslims in 1983 during the Assam agitation in the same place. Former AGP minister Jaynath Sharma's brother Dayaram Sharma, Bhavani Goswami, Jatin Sahariya, Muja Borah, Dimbeswar Deka, Khite Deka and Haragovinda Goswami were brutally killed in the same place where the police attack happened yesterday. After killing Assamese youth in 1983, they dare to attack the police. The aggression and brutality of these people has only increased, MLA Barua added.

In a press conference at BJP Assam headquarters, state BJP president Bhabesh Kalita told the media that the party demands a high-level inquiry of the attack on the police. The migrant Muslim encroaches were agreed to vacate the place after discussion with the Darrang Deputy Commissioner and the superintendent of police. But while the meeting was going on, some miscreants attacked police and started pelting stones. How and where they got those stones in the riverbank areas is questionable, Kalita added. There are no concrete constructions in the river bank Dhalpur area. Small boats are the only medium of communication to the place, so getting large numbers of stones to attack police creates serious doubt that there must be a third force instigating the people to attack police. There must be an enquiry to find out the truth, Kalita added.

Meanwhile, Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma ordered an inquiry into the incident by a retired judge of the Guwahati High Court. Nine police personnel were injured in the attack by migrant Muslims on Thursday. Three attackers were killed, and eight were injured in police firing. So far, the district administration has evicted 6000 bighas of encroached lands.


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