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Infrastructure Through Gati Shakti Is Heart To Build The Nation

Dinakar Lanka

Dinakar LankaOct 18, 2021, 12:12 PM IST

Infrastructure Through Gati Shakti Is Heart To Build The Nation

The spirit behind the Gati Shakti initiation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi serves two purposes: fill the infrastructure gaps in various sectors to serve the people's needs to improve their living standards and expected additional growth of our country's economy from 4% to 5% by 2025, that facilities to reach 5 trillion USD economy.

Infrastructure and Good Governance create a conducive atmosphere for the investment attraction of global entrepreneurs, which leads to the growth of the nation's economy in the form of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for better living conditions among the general public in the nation. Here, infrastructure comprises Roads and other transport facilities for the best connectivity among the affordable clean energy, reliable transmission and distribution, roads, railways, inland waterways, seaports and till end-user of the product and service, Irrigation, Industrial Park and Social Infrastructure for enhancing the human living standards in all the required parameters as which has been stipulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under Gati Shakti Plan. Whether it is union or state governments, they should Plan and implement the infrastructure requirements accurately in a particular state to connect other destinations across the country meaningfully.

Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, the union government has been giving utmost priority to all kinds of physical infrastructure post-2014 with the coordination of state governments for achieving a 5 trillion USD economy. Though there were infrastructure facilities that evolved gradually after independence since 1947, those facilities were minimal and inadequate to serve the people of the nation. In these circumstances, Narendra Modi's leadership intended to improve all kinds of infrastructure in tandem with a proper blueprint worth around 100 lakh crores, as announced by the Prime Minister flag off the Gati Shakti Plan under National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP). Thereafter, PM Narendra Modi has insisted it time and again, including his recent independence day speech from the Red Fort as the need of the hour as already it has been in progress and the present value of the projects have reached nearly 111 Crores to boost our country's economy for the creation of huge employment-related opportunities for the youth.

The spirit behind the Gati Shakti initiation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi serves the two purposes in tandem. One, fill the infrastructure gaps in various sectors to serve the people needs to improve their living standards. Second, expected additional growth of our country's economy from 4% to 5% by 2025, that facilities to reach 5 trillion USD economy. Narendra Modi led Union Government has included sector-wise projects, such as water, sanitation, social infrastructure, power, roads, railways, ports, airports, OFCs, hospitals, agriculture and other infrastructure projects in the PM Gati Shakti road map. These projects have been in progress under the PPA system, comprises the centre share for 39%, the state share for 40% and the private participation for 21% on 6835 projects, and 42 lakh crore worth of these 100 lakh crore projects are already in various stages in different states. PM Gati Shakti's primary aim is to raise the people's living standards and turn the country into an economic force with these 100 lakh crores infrastructure projects' initiation.

Already, Both Sagaramala and Bharathmala projects are vital in the process of infrastructure creation a long with all other sectors for the augment of our nation's GDP growth till Bharat reaches a manufacturing giant in the world. In this process, Make in India is a key initiative to achieve the ambitious 5 trillion USD economy by 2025 for better living standards and infrastructure pipeline India provides the bilateral trade between India and USA had grown from 16 billion USD to 149 billion USD in the last two decades. It has projected to reach over 500 billion USD by 2025 for greenfield or brownfield projects. Already Vizag and Chennai Industrial Corridor (VCIC), Bangalore and Chennai Industrial Corridor (BCIC) are in progress, playing a prominent strategic role for the sea-based industrial infrastructure in South India under Sagarmala project for the estimated augment of GDP around 4%. Besides this expressway, road connectivity, railways connectivity and air connectivity to the seaports and industrial park and cities around it under Bharathmala Projects.

The prestigious Delhi - Mumbai Expressway for 1350 KM distance comprises various industrial parks with 92,000 crores has almost completed and getting ready for service within a year with the estimated earnings fetch for Rs. 1200 to 1500 crores per month and new 8 line expressway has been announced by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari connecting North to South of Bharath between Pune and Banglore, covering Surat - Nashik - Ahmednagar - Solapur - Akkalkot - Gulbarga - Yadgir - Kurnool - Chennai with an estimated cost of 40,000 Crores with various industrial clusters with an object to complete the project for service by 2024. NHAI is playing the key role under Bharatmala project initiation to connect Roads with railways, airports and seaports for faster transportation connectivity to reduce the time log of the goods and travellers transport from one place to another part of our nation.

In this process, where the national highways around 90000 Kilometres were constructed before 2014 since independence, it has reached over 1,36,000 kilometres till now by laying over 46,000 kilometres by NHAI for seven years of Narendra Modi, led union government. Further, NHAI is working on completing two lakh kilometres of roads as national highways by 2025. The Role of Bharatmala is vital for the connectivity of transportation in the Gati Shakti initiation of 100 lakh crores infrastructure projects.

The big question the critics raise is how the funds will be available for the PM Gati Shakti 100 lakh crores projects. But the sector-wise projects and cost structure thereof have been planned beautifully. The same was announced in 2019 itself as National Infrastructure Pipeline, with a professional task force and already 42 lakh crores worth projects of various sectors under progress across the country with central, state and private participation.

The central government planned funds through sector-wise budget allocations, toll and other revenues, National Monetization Policy (NMP), disinvestment, and financial institution sources. Similarly, state governments should have their plans for their projects approved under National Infrastructure Project (NIP). The rest of 60 to 70 lakh crores worth of projects shall be completed in the next three years to gear up the economic activity with a sharp growth rate to reach Narendra Modi's ambitious 5 trillion USD economy by 2025.

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on Oct 24 2021 17:41:51

Not just highway coverage but even quality of highways and other infrastructure has improved tremendously. Seamless integration of all types of infra is the key.

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