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Indic Wisdom: Realisation of Reality

Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari

Guruji Shri Nandkishore TiwariOct 21, 2021, 12:39 PM IST

Indic Wisdom: Realisation of Reality

When all evolve to live as  realised beings then global society  would be metamorphosed into beautiful splash of collective wisdom 


In preceding piece in this column, we  deliberated how acceptance holds and  conveys very narrow meaning vis-à-vis  sweekaar (swa+aakaar, means that state of seeing when all unit selves are seen by all unit selves as part of the single-absolute-self). 

Still, the ones who have realised  this firmly that sweekaar (as acceptance) may be  seen as a first firm step on the path of  realisation they should strive to help  all across the globe to evolve in their  consciousness at least, to this an extent that all become capable of visualising themselves no less than  being in the ‘mode of acceptance’ (sweekaar-bhaav) by transcending all  dualities and accepting themselves as  they ‘essentially’ are.  

Role of syllabus, curriculum and  living-role-models is of immense  value addition in this endeavour of  helping all to attain to the higher  consciousness through education in  realising that ‘all is/are essentially  inseparably connected eternally’. 

Success in this endeavour would  axiomatically result in perfect social  harmony (samarastaa). And, the  misleading exclusivist attitude would  change into inclusive one. 

How inclusivity expands our  consciousness this may be understood  from the following ‘talisman’ example.   I am talking about the ‘Talisman’ which  continues to be written on the back  cover of quite a few NCERT books titled as ‘Gandhiji’s talisman’. I am assuming  that readers are familiar with talisman  that’s why I am not quoting its content  verbatim. And, I am sure Gandhiji’s aatmaa would agree with me on this,  that his talisman is nothing but  reiteration and assertion of the  sanaatana bhaartiya chintan dhaaraa(eternal Indic wisdom) albeit in  an idiom that was relevant in times Gandhiji  lived. With due respect to him and  humbly acknowledging his source of  inspiration, I submit that in today’s  changed level of global consciousness  the language of talisman should  change. Sooner the NCERT realises it  better it is. And, purport of new  ‘talisman’ would be somewhat like  “when one makes a decision one  should weigh in one’s heart that how is  it going to influence the earth and  earthlings.”  

As, our strides in geology, meteorology, environmental sciences, climatology,  weather forecasts etc. have made it  clearer before humanity that our  individual choices impact each other  and by that token the whole world. Notonly our absolute exclusion is not  possible, but even relative exclusion is  also not possible beyond a point. For  example, carbon footprints left by one  process/ activity/ product/service/ indivi dual/community/ country… harm us all,  none is spared, irrespective of who  created it and who didn’t. The choice  to live together is choice-less.  And,  Indic Spiritual traditions have been  saying the same from time  immemorial. But, ‘exclusivist-intellectuality’ driven world leaders as well as educators couldn’t comprehend Indic wisdom as, the latter emanates from   self-realisation. 

Our strides in geology, meteorology, environmental sciences, climatology,  weather forecasts have made it  clearer before humanity that our  individual choices impact each other  and by that token the whole world 

While tools of intellect are beliefs,  concepts, imaginations and ideations  etc. (not realisation). Now, researches  and findings coming from various  material sciences (avidyas) have also  corroborated the disastrous results and falsity of exclusivity that Indic wisdom  has been warning since eons. At least  now, intellectuals as well as educators across the globe should acknowledgeand assert this as reality. As, their acts  of acknowledging, asserting and  reiterating will pave the way for  preparing the truthful narrative for the  whole humanity.  

Vaingloriously raising the flag of  separatist and exclusivist mind-set  doesn’t bode well for earthlings. The  oneness of reality and reality of  oneness, which Indic spiritual scientists (seers) have been manifesting through  their person (lives/characters) since  eons now, material sciences have also  established trueness of the same  oneness/inseparability of all happening in the universe. We are destined to  respect inherent human dignity and  dignity of life. Wholehearted acceptance is the way forward. 

Intellectually understanding it or  making  others understand is necessary  but, it is not sufficient as, sense (bhaav) of acceptance/ trust/inclusivity (swa+aakaar) originates from the realisation of  reality. But, can it be  understood  intellectually before realising  it  spiritually! 

If something comes closer to  acceptance intellectually, it is  responsiveness, it is  character, it is  openness and, it is certainly not being  prejudiced. That’s the acceptance  mentioned at the outset in this piece.  

Therefore, when all evolve to choose,  to live as realised beings then, global  society would be metamorphosed into  beautiful splash of collective wisdom.  And, all unnecessarily hyped imaginary  theories (such as ‘clash of civilisations’)  would be relegated to their rightful space namely, fiction. Getting carried  away by any such fictions wouldn’t  attract any of us when we find  ou selves realised/empowered enough  to choose to shape world history  instead of fitting ourselves in one or  the other theory of world history.  

(Writer is the propounder of Sahaj Smriti Yog System   of Self-Realisation. Founder Darpan Foundation   @Bengaluru, Karnataka and Darpan Ashram@   Krishnagiri Tamil Nadu) 


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