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Gauri Lankesh assassination case: Reality and Propaganda

WebdeskSep 05, 2021, 04:38 PM IST

Gauri Lankesh assassination case: Reality and Propaganda


When will innocent Hindu activists who are victims of political Conspiracy get justice?


On 5 September 2017, a 55-year-old woman, living alone in a house in the remote corner of Rajrajeshwari Nagar in Bangalore, was murdered by some unknown assailants who came on a motorbike at around 8.30 pm with a pistol near the compound of her home. Nobody should support murder or crime, but within a few hours of the crime and before the police registered the case, and started an investigation, many leaders of the  Congress and Leftist parties led by the National President of Congress Party Sri Rahul Gandhi started blaming the Prime Minister, pointing fingers at the Sangh Parivar, the biggest Nationalist Organisation constitutionally working for the cause National Integrity and Nation Building, and the BJP for this murder and demanding the PM's resignation. There was an attempt to portray the Sangh Parivar as assassins in the media followed by cine stars of Bollywood who expressed their condolences and started blaming the Modi government at the centre for this incident and demanded the Prime Minister to resign. They also started questioning as to why the PM was not condemning the incident. The State of Karnataka was ruled by Congress at that time. So-called Intellectuals, Leftists never bothered to question the State Government, even as they were very well aware that law and order come under the purview of the State Government. The then CM gave orders for State honours including 21 gun salutes to the slain journalist. 

Thus all honours offered to high-level state dignitaries were given to a lady and she was made a martyr overnight, thereby portraying this as the biggest murder after the assassination of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. A special investigation team is set up to probe the murder spending crores of Rupees. Within a few days of her death, several National and International awards were given to her posthumously. Further many awards are named after her. The BJP is portrayed as accused in the case and protests made at National and International levels too. Series of articles highlighting her qualities and activities are splashed across a spectrum of newspapers, websites, magazines in regional, national and international languages. In this way after the murder, for the Communists and the Congress, a lady becomes an International icon in no time.  People who had little regard for her during her lifetime, and when she had difficulties in life started shedding crocodile tears. Unhesitatingly the Anti Nationals led by the Tukde Tukde gang, Bollywood went the extra mile to make the lady into a martyr. She is none other than Gauri Lankesh. A famous writer had written about the sequence of events as follows 'If she had died due to consumption of gundu (liquor is called as gundu a slang In Kannada. which also means bullet), it would have been a single column news, but as her death was due to bullet, it has become an international news.' This was in the background that she used to drink heavily and was a smoker. The events that have unfolded after her death are witness to the conspiracy of politicization of her death by vested interests. 

Who was Gauri Lankesh? Was she a great Journalist and Writer?

P.Lankesh was running a publication by the name ‘Lankesh Patrike’ in Bangalore. Being influenced by the Communists, he was naturally Anti Hindu. Gauri Lankesh was his daughter, and naturally had imbibed the father's traits and was running her father's publication having a circulation of  5000 to 10000 approximately, mostly restricted to Bangalore. Gauri Lankesh was a vocal Anti Hindu and no publication would be complete without spewing venom on the Hindu Dharma, BJP, VHP, RSS, Yedyurappa, Amit Shah etc. The publication used to carry a series of fake and hateful articles, using vulgar and filthy language on Sangh Parivar, Hindu Dharma, BJP etc. All the articles used to be with prejudice and without an iota of truth in them. Through such writings, she got lots of enemies from the BJP and the Sangh Parivar.

Convicted by a court of law for having made character assassination

Many complaints had been lodged in Police Stations against her for her articles defaming the Sangh Parivar and the BJP. Most of her time was being spent going to Police stations and attending Courts. In 2008 she had written a defamatory article against BJP MP from Dharwad, Pralhad Joshi, (Present Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines) local BJP leaders Sri Umesh, Sri Shivanand Bhat and Sri Venkatesh Mestri. She had claimed that the BJP MP had cheated a jeweller of Rs 1 Lakh. Hon. MP had in turn filed a complaint in Hubli Police Station. The First Division Magistrate convicted Gauri Lankesh awarding her a jail term of 6 months along with a fine of Rs 10,000. The Hon. Court had declared her as guilty in this manner. In spite of this she had not stopped writing hateful articles against Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Sri Amit Shah, Yeddyurappa BJP Sangh Parivar etc. in her tabloid and publications. Is it right on the part of the so-called leaders to glorify such an offender as a great writer, journalist? Is it not a black mark on the National media to glorify such journalists? 

Relationship with the Naxals and involvement in anti-Hindu activities 

Gauri Lankesh had an association with Naxalites like Saket Rajan who operated in the Western ghats of Karnataka and Prem etc. She had gone to interview Saket Rajan in the forests before he was killed in an encounter with the police. Writing various articles on the Naxals she had invoked sympathy for them and was their sympathiser too. Her brother Indrajit Lankesh had expressed severe opposition to her activities and had requested to remove the articles on the Naxals. When she had refused, she was removed from the publication. In Spite of this, her contacts with the Naxals continued. In 2014 in spite of opposition from the BJP, the Congress Government named her as a member in the Naxal surrender committee. She was acting as an Urban Naxal in this manner. After her murder, Indrajit Lankesh had mentioned that there may be a Naxal angle to her killing and had informed that she had received many threat calls from Naxals. But it is a mystery as to why the Investigating agencies have cleverly ignored this angle during the probe and has created many doubts. 


Further, Gauri was involved in many Anti-Hindu activities. In 2003 she had actively participated with the Komu Souharda Vedike against the Dutta Peetha and in a public function in Mangalore organised by the Vedike she had abused Hindu Dharma claiming that it has no origins and it is not a religion. Complaints were lodged against her in the Police Station regarding this. She had also authored many Anti-Hindu books abusing Hindu religious leaders and Dharma. Some of the titles of her books: Sangh has killed Gandhi, Tughlak Modi, Chaddi MP's gimmicks (Taunting the RSS). The titles clearly indicate her Anti-Hindu bias. On the death of veteran RSS leader Sri Sudarshanji she had written 'No cheers No Tears' - Clearly Indicating her Anti-Hindu bias.  


Cheering up Kanhaiya Kumar, Jignesh Mevani, Umar Khalid Sheila Rashid who had given anti-national statements, she used to say that they are my children, showing off her Anti National bias. Is it right to glorify such a person?


Gauri Lankesh using the most Vulgar and foul language against the Sangh Parivar on Social Media


Being active on Social Media Gauri Lankesh used to use extremely bad language to criticise the Sangh Parivar. It used to be so vulgar that one could not read them along with family members - showing her low mentality. One could imagine the state of her mind sharing such comments and feeling happy about them. Is it not an irony that such a person was given State honours by the Government after death, and is it not a shame to renowned literary icons of the state?

Some of the posts made by her have been shared for reference. Just because she was Anti Hindu she was made a person of international acclaim and a narrative was attempted to see that the democratically elected Sri. Narendra Modi BJP Government, Hindu organisations were labelled with 'Hindu Terror' at the international level. It is crystal clear that such tool kits are active even today, against Hindu Dharma and Nationalists at the National and International levels even today. 


Conspiracy of the SIT at the behest of the Congress High command to frame innocent Hindu activists.

On the eve of elections in the State, the police had arrested innocent activists from various districts and forced them to give confession by taking their signatures on blank papers by torturing them as reported in various Newspapers and channels. Further one of the accused had voiced his grievance directly and widely circulated by the media that the police had offered him Rs 25 lakhs to confess to the crime. In summary, it is very apparent that the entire inquiry, charge sheet and method of investigation has been done on the direction of the Congress High Command. 

The Police force using brutal force against innocents


The Special Investigation Team (SIT) after spending crores of Rupees and after a period of 9 months filed a charge sheet of 9000 Pages and also included the draconian KCOCA  Act  2002. The KCOCA  Act was introduced in 2000 to put an end to organised terror acts; but none of the accused in the Gauri Lankesh case were involved in any terror activities, neither they had any criminal background. One of them was a practising Doctor of Traditional Medicine, another an engineer, an agriculturist, 6 labourers. None of them had any criminal background. In Spite of this they have been booked under the KCOCA  Act and have been suffering behind bars since the last 4 years without getting bail and their families have been forced to come to the streets. 


During the recent riots in Bangalore when arsonists set fire to the house of an MLA and created riots in DJ Halli and surrounding areas setting hundreds of vehicles on fire, injuring more than 50 police personnel on duty causing a loss of about Rs 20 Crore to public and private properties, a special investigation team was set up and it was found that many of the accused had contacts with terror organisations. This riot was nothing but an organised crime. Many of the arrested accused were involved in the murder of Hindu activists. But there was no invocation of the KCOCA  Act or at least the UPA on these accused. Further, as the charge sheet was not filed by the Police in time, 115 accused were released on bail within 9 months. But the Hindu activists who have committed no crime have been behind bars for the last 4 years and this seems to be a planned way of depriving them of justice. Further former minister Vinay Kulkarni who had been arrested by the CBI in the  Yogeesh Gowda (Former Zilla Panchayath member)case has been out on bail within 9 months. 


When will the innocent Hindu activists, who were framed due to political conspiracy get justice?

The courts have been denying bail to these activists every time. This is nothing but a conspiracy. Is it right to target just because a person is a Hindu? Is it not against the provisions enshrined in Sections 15 and 16 of the constitution guaranteeing Independence, Equality and Justice? Based on archaic British Laws which were used to suppress activities of freedom fighters, the Hindu activists are being tortured and put to undue duress. When can we put an end to such actions? Though the country has got freedom, it lacks ideal Governance 'Surajya' and equality of Law. The establishment of Hindu Rashtra is the only answer for these issues. Devout Hindus have to organise and work in this direction and is the need of the hour. 


Trust collecting money in the name of Gauri Memorial and involved in corruption


After the murder of Gauri Lankesh a website was made in the name, I am Gauri and Gauri Memorial Trust was formed. Lakhs of Rupees in donation was collected. Members of her family were not given any amount from this, neither were the accounts shown. This was disclosed by Kavitha Lankesh, the sister of Gauri Lankesh. It is unfortunate that many opportunists who never ever bothered about Gauri during her lifetime used this opportunity to fill their pockets.


Many leftists organise various programmes in memory of Gauri during September. During these events instead of talking about her, they use the platform to target the Prime Minister, Yogi Adityanath, BJP, Kashmir Issue and hurl false accusations against them acting like agents of Congress. It is an insult to Gauri because she had fought against the present President of State congress D.K.Shivakumar. 


In 2019 in an event organised in her memory in Bangalore Girish Karnad had participated with a placard hanging from his neck indicating that he is an Urban Naxal. It is unfortunate that the Anti National and Anti Hindu activities of Gauri Lankesh have been pursued by her followers and are detrimental to the Integrity and Safety of the Country. The State and Central Governments have to take serious note of this issue and take proper legal action. Only then can we have proper Peace and Law and Order in the State.

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on Sep 08 2021 20:56:26

It is evident that G.Lankesh's urban Naxals, and communists was well built and that the deceased journalist was a a proclaimed Hindu hater.he had an anti-Hindu agenda which is common with Indian communists. But why legal battle is not carried forward to logical conclusion is not understood. Either trial has to proceed immediately or bail has to be moved before the Higher Court and the Highest Court. The article is not clear on this point.Reading between the lines of the article, however, involvement of the persons in custody seems to be doubtful. P.S.Datta, Sr. Advocate

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