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Dangers of the De-nationalised Congress

Prafulla Ketkar

Prafulla KetkarOct 04, 2021, 01:08 PM IST

Dangers of the De-nationalised Congress


We must take care that the friction should not be allowed to go so far as to put a stop to this motion. We have our limits. We want unanimous consent. If not, we will have the resolution passed by the majority and if it is passed, it must be carried. Even the President-elect has no right to change this. … Our opponents create rowdyism when they fear defeat. We are fighting against foreign autocracy. Why should we allow this home-autocracy? So we want to prevent the autocratic rule in the Congress. The Congress is an organisation of all the people and the voice of the people- ought to predominate. We should not allow any man, high or low, to ruin the cause of the Congress.”  –Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Principles of the Nationalist Party, speech at Surat on December 23, 1907


Captain Amarinder Singh distancing himself from Congress and ‘Tukde Tukde’ fame Communist student brat Kanhaiya Kumar joining the same Congress may look two different political developments. In reality, they are part of the same process--the decay and de-nationalisation of the Congress party. Communists infiltrating the Congress is not a new phenomenon. The ambit was, however, limited to the intellectual space through State-run institutions. But what is happening since the UPA period and more so after Rahul-Priyanka takeover, is much more sinister.

Take the case of Galwan conflict with China. Congress along with its media friends has been toeing the Chinese diplomatic line that India suffered a bloody nose. “China is killing us by entering our country” – was the Congress’ refrain. This chorus (jugalbandi) with China and Pakistan was aimed at demoralising the nation and our jawans who were bracing the Chinese deceit. Moreover, what transpired in the bilateral agreement between the Chinese Communist Party and the Congress continues to remain a riddle. When the Home Ministry called for a meeting of Chief Ministers of the Maoist affected states, Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel gave it a miss. Is it a coincidence or strategic compliance to conceal commitments made in China?  

During the entire COVID-19 crisis, from migration issue to vaccination process, at every stage, Congress chose to peddle the Maoist agenda of creating divisions and confusions. Even when the entire country celebrated the making of indigenous vaccines and the entire world recognised the efficacy of CoWin App, Congress and its leadership joined the cynicism and negativity peddled by the Communists.     

Recently, displaying his typical comic ignorance, Rahul Gandhi passed a verdict on the ‘idea of India’ invoking Veer Savarkar. He said, “they say India is a territory, we say India is people, relationships”. Veer Savarkar was the one who articulated the significance of Sacred Geography and its interconnectedness with the people. The inherent idea of Hindutva, that is Hinduness, is premised on the inalienable bond between the sacred land and the values cherished by its people. The strategy of mocking and targeting Hinduness, while showcasing Hindu symbols and rituals during the election season, has exposed the duplicity and hollowness of Congress style ‘Secularism’.   

Communists not appreciating the ancient concept of Rashtra is understandable. For them Pan-Communism is above nationhood. That is why they call themselves the Communist Party of India and not the Indian Communist Party.  On the contrary, ‘Indian National Congress’ represents a specific geography, ie, Bharat and ‘National’ connotes the ideological moorings. This entire edifice is now in a shambles both at the organisational and ideological levels.  The leadership is in a disarray, as many Congressees openly state.  Geographically, Congress is shrinking. But the most alarming sign is the way the grand old party is being taken over by different shades of Communists and Islamists, leading to its stark de-nationalisation.  

As a democracy, we need a national level opposition in geographical and conviction terms. The Congress failure on both the fronts is giving space to regional parochial or the Breaking Bharat forces. It is the Congress that is ensuring that Bharat is Congress-Mukt. From Cambridge Analytica fiasco to the Kanhaiya Kumar entry, the rapid de-nationalisation of Congress is the real danger for democracy.   



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