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Congress against the proposal to add Arthashastra, Gita in Army curriculum

WebdeskSep 03, 2021, 06:56 PM IST

Congress against the proposal to add Arthashastra, Gita in Army curriculum

The Congress party today opposed the proposal to include Bhagwat Gita and Kautilya Arthshastra's in the Indian Amry's training curriculum. Coming up with a bizarre argument, Congress said that matters related to the military should not be politicised. 

"At least the government should not do politics in military matters," said Congress spokesperson KK Mishra. But he didn’t clarify how Bhagawat Gita and Arthashastra become ‘political’.

A recent internal study by the College of Defence Management (CDM) recommended exploring ways of incorporating ‘relevant teachings’ from ancient Indian texts such as Kautilya’s Arthashastra and Bhagavat Gita into the current military training curriculum.

The study also suggested setting up an ‘Indian Culture Study Forum’ and a dedicated faculty to research this possibility.

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on Sep 29 2021 10:02:56

Lol look at this idiots whining in comment section about Hinduisation of armed forces. Whenever something good is suggested for the nation these coomers resort to standard vilification and labeling such as HindutvaVadi and what not. This is what happens when your typical iq is never above the room temps. Indian Army’s ‘Land Warfare Doctrine’, 2018. The document comprehensively alludes to Kautilyan principles without making a direct attribution already. We can learn from multiple parallels from Itihas. We should not forget how In battle of Talikota Rama Raya got betrayed by his muslim troops when he was on the verge of winning. Not just that muslims also formed a core part of INA that was led by Netaji and were present in most of its units. A large number of them joined INA because the allies were fighting against turkroach. Since Netaji ignored this fact, he was in for a big surprise during the latter stages of the war when INA experienced muslim desertions and betrayals on a large scale.While some of them deserted INA, others went on to rejoin the britfags army. Maharaja’s forces broadly comprised 50 per cent muslims and 50 per cent Hindus. Manek Shaw records that the muslim elements of Maharaja’s forces had revolted. Last thing we need is a secular army which cannot defend Borders of Bharat. Go read Ambedkars works on this he has written celestial level literature about it ofcourse morons will label him HindutvaVadi as well.

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on Sep 27 2021 16:32:05

Let us firmly stop this hinduisation of armed forces, once and for all. Today’s military and strategic environment has nothing to do with arthshastra and gita. Is purely political. Yes, arthashastra has some lessons on good governance. Modi, not armed forces, need to read it. As for gita, is a sheer waste of time. With each passing day, the army and its senior officers are behaving like BJP instruments. Let them get paid from BJP funds which are in any case, bigger than India’s budget. The real question is - why look only in Arthashastra and Geeta. Why not everywhere? The answer is clear- need of PM Modi to show that India belongs only to the hindus. Decidedly bad for India. Devstating to the army.

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