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Can't allow illegal land grabbing by illegal immigrants anymore

Dibya Kamal Bordoloi

Dibya Kamal BordoloiOct 04, 2021, 02:03 PM IST

Can't allow illegal land grabbing by illegal immigrants anymore
Hundreds of migrant Muslim miscreants attacked police and government officials with sharp weapons and bamboo rods in Dhalpur in Darrang district while carrying an eviction drive against illegal encroachment of government land

The illegal migration in Assam has led to demographic, democratic and territorial encroachment of the indigenous population. The mob subversion of eviction from the massive encroachments symbolises the correlation between illegal migration and criminality in the entire Northeast   


What happened on the Dhalpur eviction site on September 23, the nation has witnessed? How 25,000 acres of government land in Dhalpur in Darrang district have been encroached on by the migrant Muslims in the past four decades is now known to all. But this is not the end of the encroachment story. The fertile lands of Assam have been a target of Bangladesh origin Muslims for several decades. Lakhs of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims had crossed to this part of India and grabbed thousands of hectares of land in the last several decades. Assam Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma informed that land twice of the total area of Goa and a little less than of Sikkim are being encroached in Assam. And most of them are migrant Muslims. Assam Assembly reports suggest that a total of 49 lakhs bighas or 6,652 square kilometres of land is under encroachment across  the State. This includes 3,172 square kilometres of forest lands. BJP leader and former MLA from Hojai Siladitya Dev filed a legal petition in the Guwahati High Court seeking direction to evict the encroachers in the Lumding reserve forest. The government reports states that 3953 acres of land have been encroached by migrant Muslims in the Lumding forest reserve. Siladitya Dev told Organiser, “This is a planned module by the migrant Muslims to encroach government land in every possible area. This way they are trying to invade each and every Hindu majority constituency of Assam. If the government tries to evict them from forest land or government land, they would try to resist it through violent means like what we saw in Dhalpur.Islamist forces are helping these encroachers to attack police in a pre-planned way and they are now playing the victim card all over the world.” The PFI’s role in the Dhalpur attack on police is uncovered in the ongoing investigation. Police Intelligence sources told Organiser that PFI is trying to create an intellectual network to fortify its political ambition. PFI’s role in the violent anti-CAA protest in 2020 in Assam was proved in the subsequent investigation. Assam police registered 18 cases against PFI activists in different parts of lower Assam. Police had registered cases of mob violence, anti-national activities, attack on police using sharp weapons, vandalising and destroying public property, conspiracy against the government etc. Mongoldoi MP and National General Secretary of BJP Dilip Saikia said that PFI designed the Dhalpur police attack. It was Kashmir-like planned stone-pelting on security forces conceived by the extremist Muslim organisation PFI. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also said that PFI collected Rs 28 lakh from the encroachers to halt the eviction. PFI leaders and other radical Muslim leaders visited the Dhalpur eviction site prior to the eviction. The police investigation revealed that these leaders instigated the mob to attack the police. Two such leaders have been arrested by CID, which is investigating the case. Assam Police sources said the arrested persons have proximity with PFI. Intelligence reports suggest that PFI is working on the ground to establish the root for political party SDPI. PFI is primarily targeting the migrant Muslims and supporters of Left parties. The extremist Islamist organisation is also playing an anti-BJP card and trying to bring tribal Christians by their side. PFI in July organised a candle march protest after Stan Swamy’s death in the Baksa and Chirang districts of Assam with Adivasi and tribal people. The organisation is also organising various training camps in minority areas of Nagaon, Darrand, Barpeta and Dhubri districts. Assam police is strictly monitoring the activities of PFI. Reports suggest that PFI is funding various Muslim organisations in the State, including various radical organisations and even a few Left-liberals. PFI is also working to bring all the Muslim organisations under one roof, including Muslim political parties and Muslim politicians. Many Congress, AIUDF, AAMSU leaders have been seen in PFI’s meetings in different parts of the State in the recent past.  

A total of 49 lakhs bighas or 6,652 square kilometres of land is under encroachment across Assam. This includes 3,172 square kilometres of forest lands

Assam Police conducting  an eviction drive to clear illegal encroachments in Darrang district

Land encroachment by migrant Muslims is well-designed in Assam. After the eviction drive in Dhalpur, hundreds of evicted people fled to a different locations. Dispur BJP MLA Atul Bora wrote to the Deputy Commissioner of Guwahati on September 25 that hundreds of doubtful people have come to the riverine areas of his constituency through small boats after the eviction in Dhalpur. They have settled in locations like Sonapur, Hohora, Dimoria on the banks of Brahmaputra. AASU leader Dibyajyoti Medhi informed that more than 10,000 unidentified people have encroached hundreds of acres of land on the bank of Brahmaputra in the past several years. The area has now become a mini-Bangladesh. Radical Muslim organisations with PFI funding are now planning to send groups of people to encroach lands in different parts.

Assam CM Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma inspecting the encroachment in the riverine areas of Sipajhar

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma revealed that Muslim land mafias have grabbed up to 60-70 acres of government land. This fact has come to light in the Dhalpur eviction. These people have their land property in some other place or district, and still, they relocate and encroach government land. More worrying is the fact that they now dare to attack security forces. On September 23, the police force of 450 personnel went to evict 60 families in 3rd Sector of Dhalpur where encroachers gathered and attacked the police with sharp weapons. To make matters worse, Dhalpur is a riverine area, and the only means of communication are the small boats. From where the attackers get thousands of stones to attack police is a big question. BJP MLA Mrinal Saikia said that whether the PFI brings the Kashmir model of stone-pelting on security forces to Assam needs to investigate.  

People have seen the shift of power in the 2021 Assembly election in two constituencies, Batadrava and Sarukhetri. The aim is to change the pattern by 2050 by grabbing maximum constituencies


The Power Grabbing Jihad 

Assam Chief Minister on September 30 said that migrant Muslims are now in a constituency grabbing practice. Translocation of Muslim voters to Hindu majority constituencies confirms his statement that. These people are now targeting three Hindu majority constituencies of the State. Large numbers of people from minority-dominated districts like Barpeta and Dhubri are relocating to the Sipajhar constituency. Similarly, huge numbers of Muslims from Nagaon district are relocating to Barsala constituency in Sonitpur district. The primary reason behind this relocation is to change the demography and electoral fate. The Chief Minister further added that people have seen the shift of power in the 2021 Assembly election in two constituencies–Batadrava and Sarukhetri. The aim is to change the pattern by 2050 by grabbing maximum constituencies. As a part of this plan, huge encroachment is being done in Lumding constituency too. Local BJP leader Siladitya Dev said that from 2007 onwards, suspicious people from bordering districts of Dhubri, South Salmar, Barpeta started relocating to Lumding. In the last 15 years, under the patronage of the previous Congress Government. These people have encroached around 4000 acres of forest land in Lumding. There are now approximately 20,000 people in the forest land with voting rights. They are ready to change the political fate of Lumding constituency in 2026 Assembly election if we can’t secure our land, then nothing is safe in this State. People have to be vigilant and come together against this planned invasion. They have  are a dept in grabbing land with the help of government officials, especially with Muslim land dalals and surveyors. With their help, the migrant Muslims are grabbing the government land, Dev added. 

Interestingly, recent data shows that most of the women drug peddlers are Muslims. In the last two months, Guwahati city police arrested several Muslim women drug peddlers 

Narco Jihad 

If you go through the social media pages of Assam police district branches, you will be surprised to see page full records of Muslim criminals arrested by police these days. And most of these arrested criminals are Bangladesh–origin Muslims, known as ‘Migrant Muslims’ in Assam. Situated in the heart of Assam, the Nagaon district carries a great significance to the Assamese society. Nagaon is the birthplace of the Vaishnavite Guru Srimant Shankar Dev, the Saint who reformed the greater Assamese society. But the destiny of this beautiful place changed due to the constant aggression and population explosion of the migrant Muslims. Almost two decades ago, Nagaon became a Muslim majority district. And now, Nagaon has become  a den of crime, illegal and anti-social activities. It’s also a hub of drug trafficking. Ever since the Assam Government has started the ‘War against Drugs’, unbelievable truths of crimes by Muslims have been uncovered. The Nagaon police has arrested almost 400 drug peddlers from various parts of the district in the last four months. Of the 400 arrested peddlers, 380 are Muslims, including a dozen Muslim women drug peddlers. The scene is not much different in other districts of Assam. In the last four months, the State police so far arrested 2369 drug peddlers in the State. Strangely, out of which 2118 are Muslims. In the last five years, Assam police has has arrested 6690 drug peddlers in the State, most of these drug traffickers (85 to 90 per cent) are Muslims. 

The Assam Police are not taking  this disturbing development lightly. The big question is  whether Muslim drug peddlers are on a mission to launch ‘Narco Jihad’ in Assam? Top Assam Police intelligence believes that, even though most of these Muslim drug peddlers are not under any organised international drug racket, the Narco-Militancy angle can’t be ignored. The crime amongst migrant Muslims is so deep-rooted that they don’t think before getting involved in drug trafficking. Assam Police intelligence is investigating whether the money earned through drugs are being diverted to strengthen Islamic militancy activity in Assam or not? But the major concern for police is the banned contraband ‘Yaba” tablets. Police have seized more than one and a half million Yaba tablets in Assam in the last four months. Police sources says that most of these banned contrabands are smuggled to Bangladesh. Some of the banned Islamic terrorist organisations like Neo-JMB are involved in the smuggling of Yaba tablets. Police intelligence believes that the money created made through the trafficking of Yaba tablets is being diverted to radicalise Muslim youths and strengthen Islamic terrorism in Bangladesh, which remains a threat to India. Central Government’s intelligence reports suggest that the Siliguri corridor with its porous borders along with Bangladesh and Nepal has become a major conduit for Pakistani intelligence agency that has been conducting ISI subversive activities in the North East. The mushrooming of madrasas in the border areas is a design prepared by ISI to make the Muslims pockets of Assam a breeding ground of illegal and anti-national activities, including narco-trafficking. 

Drug trafficking is not the only crime that the migrant Muslims are involved in Assam. Assam police data reveals that most of the criminals arrested by police in the last several months are migrant Muslims. Whether human trafficking, fake currency or fake gold, or fake documents, the migrant Muslims are making all possible illegal and criminal trades in Assam

In connection with the viral video of an incident at Gorukhuti, the said Cameraman has been arrested and a case has been registered by Assam CID for further investigation. Assam Govt has decided that inquiry by a retired Judge of Gauhati High Court  would be conducted into incident at Darrang District where two illegal migrants lost their lives and a large number of on-duty Assam Police personnel were injured

Drug trafficking is not the only crime that the migrant Muslims are involved in Assam. The State police data reveals that most of the criminals arrested by police in the last several months are migrant Muslims. Whether human trafficking, gambling or fake currency or fake gold, or fake documents, the migrant Muslims are involved all possible illegal and criminal trades in Assam. In the month of September, Sonitpur district police in seized 25 kilograms of fake gold and arrested eight criminals; all are migrant Muslims. Similarly, Nagaon police arrested 35 Muslim criminals in the last 30 days, including touts, gamblers, human-traffickers, drug paddlers, robbers, and thieves. The growing crime rates amongst Muslims is undoubtedly impacting the social life in Assam. Demands are on the upward sides from the society to curb the crime and criminals as it could lead to a social imbalance. Assam Public Works (APW) president Aabhijeet Sharma said, “the migrant Muslims are criminals by nature. The growing rate of crimes by them could lead to a social disbalance in Assam. The Muslim organisations should do something for a reform in their society, but they only do politics.” 



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