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BJP slams Kerala CM for silence on terrorism, 'love jihad'

WebdeskSep 15, 2021, 01:35 PM IST

BJP slams Kerala CM for silence on terrorism, 'love jihad'

Kochi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Executive Member PK Krishna Das lashed out at Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for remaining silent on terrorism and 'love jihad' in the state.

Addressing a press meet in Kochi, Das said, "Why is the Chief Minister keeping silent about the rampant terrorism in Kerala? Terrorism is having serious repercussions on the social fabric of Kerala. Why is the Chief Minister not investigating terrorism? Who is he afraid of? The Chief Minister should make it clear that there is no such thing as terrorism and love jihad in Kerala. The Chief Minister's reply that he does not know is yet to be clarified. If the Chief Minister is ignorant, he should talk to the DGP or the Intelligence DGP. The Chief Minister should say let me investigate, not that I do not know."

"The Chief Minister is afraid of someone. The reason for remaining silent on the terrorist activity became clear yesterday. The Left-Jihadi alliance in Erattupetta municipality near Pala came into being yesterday. CPI-M is going to rule the municipality with the votes of SDPI members. This is not a one-day alliance. Their march to the Bishop's House at Pala is proof that they already had an understanding. This alliance is dangerous for the nation. The CPI-M is forming alliances with terrorist organizations. The erratic alliance is likely to be repeated in Kerala in the next Lok Sabha elections. The all India leadership of the CPI-M should state its position on this. If they are with the terrorists, they should say so publicly," he added.

This comes after a controversial "love and narcotic jihad" remark by Kallarangatt triggered a row in Kerala's political circles.

While addressing devotees at a church on September 9, Pala Bishop had alleged that young girls were largely falling prey to "love and narcotic jihad" in Kerala and said that these tactics are being used to destroy non-Muslims.

Das further commented that terrorists have no religion, but they are dressed in the mantle of religion.

"Terrorists have no religion. They are dressed in the mantle of religion. The CPI-M and the Congress fell into its trap. All religions must unite to fight terrorism. This is not a problem between the two religions. This is the agenda of the SDPI to portray it as a religious issue. CPI-M and Congress leaders are working as their megaphone and employees," he said. 

Courtesy: ANI   



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