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Special CorrespondentJan 07, 2022, 03:43 PM IST




It is very unfortunate that 13 or 14 Konyak brothers of Oting village were killed in a firing by para-military forces reportedly on mistaken identity on December 4, 2021. It should have not happened. No amount of argument can justify such killing of innocent villagers. And the culprit must be brought to the book  and punished  as per law of the land.

The question is whether it is AFSPA because of which the Army Patrol is done in Nagaland or it is NSCN-IM today, not NNPG, because of which the jawans are sent on military patrol? The answer is very simple and very easy even for a lay man in contemporary Nagaland. Every honest and alert Naga person in Nagaland takes the name of Th. Muivah and his NSCM-IM for all the roots of terrorism in today’s Nagaland. If there was no terrorism, there would have been no army patrol and if there was no army movement, the Oting incident would have not occurred.   They say –“Why should Muivah axe his own legs by signing final agreement when he is enjoying all the possible comforts, pleasures and honours as a ‘Terrorist Leader’  in the palatial shelter home provided free of cost including Z category security by Central Government in the posh area of Delhi? If there is no insurgency in Nagaland he will lose these comforts and status.”They speak the same about political leaders in various political parties in Nagaland acting as the shield of armed militants because insurgency pays them without making any effort. The highly qualified Naga youths of today compare their Nagaland with contemporary Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh developing rapidly in every sector with peace and harmony. The tourists are pouring and industries are coming there. They dream the same to happen here in Nagaland also and take the name of Th. Muivah as the roadblock and block buster in the path of development of Nagaland .

About Oting killing the Naga youths say, “The killing of innocent villagers, not one or two-three but thirteen altogether in one go by anybody, more so by army,  is out-rightly condemn worthy. It should have not occurred.” They add immediately, “But who created such a situation in Naga Hills in early sixties because of which Naga Hills was declared ‘Disturbed Area’ followed by advent of Armed Forces Special Powers Act – AFSPA in 1958 providing a shield to patrolling army men? Army would have not come in Nagaland of those days which was simply a district of Assam called Naga Hills. It was NNC under Phizo who, after becoming its fourth president in 1950, demanded complete secession of Naga Hills from India with mere population of 205,950. Theyiechuthe Sakhre – a graduate from Kolkata, founder secretary of NNC and a resident of same Khonoma village where A Z Phizo hails from, opposed this unrealistic and mythical demand. For opposing secession, Phizo got him slaughtered on January 18, 1956. JB Jasokie, Sillie and Imkongmeren went hiding in Kohima to protect themselves from Phizo’s gun men. On July 17, 1956, the 48 youths of Chakhesang community from Thevopisumi village were slaughtered in one go at K. Bawe village under the command of Zashi Hurie – the trusted lieutenant of Phizo. The only fault of these martyred men of Thevopisumi was that they refused to support NNC’s separatist demand. The village, Thevopisumi, was burnt down by NNC militants. Phizo’s NNC was posing danger to Rani Gaidinliu and her Heraka followers as well. Thus, all the villages of Angami, Chakhesang and Zeliangrong  communities were after the head of Phizo. To save his life, Phizo escaped to London via Dhaka and Karachi in December 1956 where British missionary Rev. Michael Scott hosted him. The arrogant Phizo kept on burning Nagaland from London through this Muivah. After 34 years, his dead body came here in Kohima in 1990.” Muivah took over as General Secretary of NNC in 1965 and started killing those who disagreed with him. After return from China in 1980, he murdered Brigadier Ngamlao Konyak and many other followers of Phizo. He said – “Kun kun Phizo pichie jabo, guli ekta ekta khabo.” (Whosoever sides with Phizo will each get a bullet). Over 300 Churches were burnt down and over 100 Naga missionaries were gunned down by communist Muivah in Mon and Tuensang districts in ninties. In his booklet “Manifesto and Polarisation” (1980-1985) Muivah repeatedly called AZ Phizo , his family members, the Angamis and all who supported the Angamis as “Arch Traitor” of the Naga Nation branding them as traitors and deceivers of the nation and being guilty of betraying the national cause. Muivah’s uncountable  murders of innocent Nagas have been well-documented in the book – “Interview with Naga Leader” authored by David Swu. Vilhouthie Rhiepfu says in his write up published on May 29, 2010, “Muivah has gone beyond all limits of courtesy by overstaying limits of Nagas of Nagaland. He questions the authority of Muivah and says, “Who is Muivah to talk on behalf of us – the Nagas of Nagaland.” Kitovi Zimomi, the Chairman of Working Committee of NNPG says the same. Kitovi says, “We don’t recognize Th. Muivah as our leader because he is not a Naga of Nagaland. He is a Manipuri Tangkhul Naga. He is exploiting the generosity of Central Government. We are ready to sign the agreement but Muivah is blocking. Who is Muivah? Delhi should prepare the final draft agreement as per NNPG’s agreement and the Framework Agreement with NSCN IM signed by Muivah on August 3, 2015. This proposed Draft Agreement should be put forth to him (Muivah] by Delhi with a caution –“Either sign the agreement or get ready to land in Tihar jail like Farukh Abdullah, Umar Abdullah , Mahbuba Mufti and other hostile Kashmiri leaders.” This is the wishes of present Naga society baring few leaders – underground and overground for whom insurgency is a fabulous business with zero investment and nil effort. They simply need to misguide Centre by using their political influence and close proximity with prominent Central leaders in cabinet and Parliament. They did it on following occasions –

1, September 6, 1964 – Due to large scale killing by NNC’s terrorists Army Operation started in Nagaland and Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958 was brought in force granting special powers to Army to maintain public order in ‘disturbed Naga Hills’ in one hand and J & K on the other. The Unified Command led by Army controlled NNC’s gun men who were at run to save their lives. NNC was brought to their senses. The patron Naga politicians influenced Indira Gandhi and first Ceasefire Agreement was signed on September 6, 1964. The Army Operation was haulted. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi held six rounds of talks but of no avail. This agreement was broken in 1966 and Army Operation started again.

2. Shillong Accord November 11, 1975

Because of Synchronised Integrated Command comprised of Army, Paramilitary forces, Nagaland Police, Intelligence agencies and prominent Naga public leaders and headed by Commissioner S C Dev, IAS, more than 3000 NNC’s terrorists including their commanders from Mon, Tuensang,  Wokha, Zunheboto, Mokokchung and some parts of Kohima laid their arms to Commissioner Dev in presence of Army Commanders. The NNC was almost finished. The patron politicians from Nagaland influenced Indira again and Shillong Accord was signed on November 11, 1975 ignoring intelligence advices. Army was sent to barrack and NNC gained oxygen. The martyrdom of several army jawans and commaders was done away with.

3. Ceasefire Agreement August 1, 1997

After Shillong Accord 1975, NNC was divided. Muivah led the extremist section of NNC, went to China for extensive combat training and formed National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) there on January 31, 1980 adopting Mao Tse Tung’s ideology. On April 30, 1988 it was further divided into two – Tangkhul dominated NSCN(IM) led by Muivah and NSCN(K) headed by SS Khaplang. Meanwhile, Phizo died  on April 30, 1990 and NNC was fractured in several pieces. From 1975 to July 1997, Muivah killed thousands of innocent non-Tangkhul Nagas on fake charges. To control factional killings and ambushes on army and security forces mainly by Muivah’s NSCN-IM, Army was brought into action. Army broke the back of NSCN-IM and all other factions of Naga insurgents. In the process, scores of Army jawans met their martyrdom. Muivah’s NSCN-IM was breathing his last. Other factions were also dumped. The pro-Muivah overground politicians became pro-active and this time again they succeeded in influencing Delhi leaders to sign Ceasefire Agreement August 1, 1997. This time again, Delhi leaders provided oxygen to dying Naga insurgency. Army was made to return to their camps. The factional killing was resumed.

4. The Framework Agreement August 3, 2015

After August 1, 1997 Agreement, eighty rounds of Talks were held and senior officers like Padmanabhaiyya Union Home Secretary (Rtd), Raghav Sharan Pondey, Chief Secretary of Nagaland (Rtd.) and Ravindra Narayan Ravi (Former Governor of Nagaland) had been Interlocutors one after the other and acted as the facilitator but haughty-naughty Muivah is never convinced and he will not unless given a befitting lesson. To show his generousity, Prime Minister Vajpayee met Muivah in foreign lands at Paris (1998) and Osaka (2001). Vajpayee speeded the dialogue with Muivah with utmost sincerety. Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani got him released from Bangkok jail on September 17, 2000 where Muivah was languishing in dark cell of jail from February 2000 for travelling on false visa. BJP formed an alliance with Naga People’s Front (NPF) of Neiphiu Rio under the coinage – Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) in 2003 immediately after assembly election. NSCN-IM hijacked the assembly election held in 2003. DAN formed the government and Neiphiu Rio became Chief Minister with 6 BJP MLAs. S C Jamir – the patriot was defeated. It was the victory of Muivah and his NSCN-IM. The nationalist section of Nagas who are in majority, were faded and became sad. From here, Padmashri S C Jamir retired from active politics of state. Vajpayee extended Ceasefire to Naga dominated districts of Manipur measuring more than two-third areas of Manipur state on June 14, 2001. This was done to fulfill the wishes of NSCN-IM under the influence Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his NPF team.The fourteen Meitei people were gunned down on July 1, 2001 in Imphal when furious Meitei mob of over a lakh heralded in capital town to protest the extension of Ceasefire which was a ploy of Greater Nagaland mooted by Muivah and his fore-runners in terrorist camp. People called Neiphiu Rio as God father of NSCN-IM. NSCN-IM and Muivah’s American masters described Neiphiu Rio as ‘Best Chief Minister of Nagaland’ and honored Rio with money and majesty.

Delhi did it ignoring intelligence in-puts and Army advices. The dying NSCN – IM got opportunity to gain strength. The martyrdom of scores of army jawans and security forces were made null and void.


Army brgins probe in Oting Firing

An Army inquiry team constituted to probe the Oting firing incident visited the site in Mon district of Nagaland on December 29."The inquiry team, headed by a senior rank officer, a Major General, inspected the site to understand the circum- stances due to which the incident happened," a defence source said.

The team took along the witnesses for a better understanding of the situation and how events would have unfolded. "Subsequently, the team was also present at Tizit Police Station, Mon District between 1330 to 1500 hours on December 29, 2021 to meet the cross-section of the society to include civilians, police personnel and doctors who treated injured for obtaining valuable information pertaining to the incident," the source said.


With the advent of Modi Government in Delhi in 2014, Muivah was brought to the senses. RN Ravi took over as interlocutor and Governor of Nagaland subsequently. Army was put in action. The nooze around neck of Muivah was tightened. Neiphiu Rio lost the chair of Chief Minister. To envigourate dying NSCN-IM and protect his terrorists from army actions, Muivah entered into Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015 thinking that he would get a respite again as all earlier occasions to revive his NSCN-IM and materialize his hidden agenda. But alert Delhi under Modi could not be hoodwinked.

AFSPA and Its Significance

On every occasion created by wrongs of Delhi when Naga terrorists caused havoc in Nagaland, Army was called to tame the terrorists and bring the normalcy. Naturally, Army was at the target of terrorists and their Godfather politicians. AFSPA is the proven shield for Army in controlling China trained terrorists in and around Nagaland.  

Unfortunate Incident of Oting on December 4, 2021

Whatever - human error, misinformation or else, may be the reason the killing of 13 villagers of Konyak community of Oting village on December 4, 2021 cannot be justified on any ground. Centre is very prompt in taking necessary action. Even after that, Muivah’s men – underground and overground, are over active and very swift in demanding the repeal of AFSPA. Same Neiphiu Rio is again in power with the support of 12 BJP MLAs. Having achieved success recently in bringing Dimapur area under ILP zone which was never before, he is lobbying with Delhi leaders for removing AFSPA because of which army controls the unruly China-trained terror men of Muivah. Instead of causing pressure on Muivah to sign agreement for final solution, Neiphiu Rio has become pro-active for removal of AFSPA. Because once AFSPA is repealed Army will become toothless lion and jawans guarding the nation can easily be dragged to the civil courts at any moment even on fake charges. Removal of AFSPA will embolden NSCN-IM terrorists and discourage and demoralize Army.



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