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A Protest to Defeat Moditva and Yogitva

Pankaj Jayaswal

Pankaj JayaswalOct 06, 2021, 03:49 PM IST

A Protest to Defeat Moditva and Yogitva

The opposition fears that if the laws and policies are implemented on the ground meticulously, PM Modi will benefit in the 2024 election with a much bigger victory than in 2019 and the monumental growth UP in the last four years under CM Yogi will make the state number one in the next five years


Democracy has given a right to every person to protest and express their views candidly. The intention is to make democracy vibrant and dynamic to benefit each section of society and country.

However, few political parties and their outfits have different agendas and using these democratic means to demean our society and country for selfish gains. They are least bothered about the difficulties faced by people socially and our nation on international platforms. It is even difficult to understand their motive when the Honourable Supreme Court is helping to sort out the matter without any bias and with the right intention. Do these outfits don’t believe in our judicial system? Are they above the judicial system, a section of our constitution?

First, the popularity and fear of PM Modi and now CM Yogi rattled many opposition leaders and their supporters to the extent that they are opposing the laws, which are essentially required for the upliftment of almost 14 crore farmers. They are opposing the new national education policy beneficial to crores of students and make our future generations strong in every aspect of overall development.
The opposition fears that if the laws and policies are implemented on the ground meticulously, PM Modi will benefit in the 2024 election with a much bigger victory than in 2019. So the welfare of society has taken a backseat, and power, appeasement, exploitation, corruption are the priorities to destabilise the Modi and Yogi government.

Why Modi and Yogi do not fit in their agenda?

They see both the leaders as “Hindutva Icon”. The popularity among the masses is increasing every day, so the agenda of demeaning and dismantling Sanatan Dharma over the years is just to satisfy and help vested interest in and around India. The politics of development has become self-gain and appeasement for few leaders to garner votes at the cost of sacrificing integrity and weakening constitutionally framed policies and laws.

Every opposition leader knows the benefits of farmer laws and how they will change the prospects of our hard-working, selfless farmers and enhance value to our economy.

What are the key positives of these bills?

It allows free Intra-and interstate trade, so farmers will have free access to the market anywhere in the country based on the best price they get. It will help in FDI inflow and improve the economy.

Direct agreement between a farmer and a buyer makes the farmer not depend on cartel prices. It will assure them about better pricing in advance, reduction in transport cost, stop exploitation by middlemen and no indirect control on the market by political leaders. A regular supply of food items will stop artificial scarcity created by middlemen. Buyers, industrialists can’t take control of land, even if some dues are pending. Farmers are protected from exploitation and given complete freedom to sell and make good profits, make contracts, use the e-NAM platform and make the best use of technology for more benefits.

I don’t see any point in the bill against farmers, so the people or political leaders opposing these reforms must have some vested interest. It’s our duty to spread facts to each and every farmer so that exploitation masters don’t take advantage of their ignorance if any.

Mr. M. S. Swaminathan has suggested many initiatives for the welfare of the farmers and offered guidance/recommendations to the government from time to time on various issues. PM Modi Government has implemented many of his suggestions in the last seven years. Few actions taken by the Modi government:

  • Kisan Rail
  • MSP for many commodities
  • Soil Health Card
  • Kisan Credit Card
  • Pradhanmantri Krishi Bima Yojana. (Benefitted millions of Farmers)
  • Irrigation facilities.
  • Yearly direct transfer of Rs 6000.
  • Technology and technique-oriented farming.
  • Organic farming.
  • Providing e-NAM platform.
  • Providing additional storage facilities.
  • Mass procurement of food grains by the government.
  • Timely payment of dues
  • Solving the long-pending issue of sugarcane farmers.
  • Fertiliser availability in abundant quantity.

The next target is UP CM Yogi Adityanath. State elections are approaching, and a great reformer, CM Yogi, who is firmly working against miscreants, looters, exploiters seen as just a Sanatani leader. The biggest state of India was in the worst condition in all respects before Yogi Government. The monumental growth of the state in the last four years and the long-term actions initiated will make the state number one in the next five years under CM Yogi.

Dynastic politics wants people to remain backward, illiterate, and be exploited, misguided for self-gain and power. Gullible Indians are now becoming dynamic, smart, going back to cultural roots for the benefit of all and working for social, economic and spiritual growth and hence any deed with ill intention to create menace, rift, violence is not working.


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