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A huge amount of Indian Army ammunition and munitions recovered in Baksa, Assam, Two arrested

Dibya Kamal Bordoloi

Dibya Kamal BordoloiOct 13, 2021, 12:30 PM IST

A huge amount of Indian Army ammunition and munitions recovered in Baksa, Assam, Two arrested

Arrested Mohhamed Ali and Hanif Ali collected the used munitions from the Army firing range, Darrang. Police are investigating why and for whom they had collected the huge ammunition and its terrorist angle. 


Tamulpur: In a successful operation against terror activists, a team led by the In Charge of Kumarikata Out Post in Baksa district of Assam seized huge amounts of explosives and ammunition and arrested two persons in connection with that on Monday (October 11) night. The arrested persons are Mohammed Ali and Hanif Ali. The police team searched two locations in the Darrangamela area under the Tamulpur subdivision and seized used explosives, shells, munitions, and ammunition.

Miscreants collected these from the Darranga Field Firing Range of the Indian Army. The police search team recovered 151 rocket launcher shells, five numbers of 84mm shells, three big shells, used heads of ammunition and munitions weighing around 200 kilograms.

Police sources in Baksa said that some miscreants collected these used shells from the Tamulpur firing range of the Indian Army. A good amount of explosives remains in these used shells. The arrested persons collected those explosives and ammunition for what purpose is a big question. Police are investigating the motive behind it. The matter has been taken up with the Army too. Meanwhile, the court has sent the arrested Mohamed Ali and Hanif Ali to police custody.

Police are investigating the terrorist angle of the matter. Who instructed the arrested duo to collect the used ammunition and munitions of India Army is the investigating point of the police. Assam police intelligence sources said that whether the ammunition and munitions were collected for local groups or it was meant for some notorious external group is a subject of investigation. The arrested duo was not trying to sell the collected materials in scrap, so surely there was somebody who instructed them to collect the ammunition from the Army firing range, intelligence sources said. 


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