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“Moplah Massacare Should be Declared Hindu Genocide Day”– J Nandakumar

Organiser Bureau

Organiser BureauOct 07, 2021, 11:41 AM IST

“Moplah Massacare Should be Declared Hindu Genocide Day”– J Nandakumar
Shri J Nandakumar, Prajna Pravah Akhil Bharatiya Sanyojak


Prajna Pravah Akhil Bharatiya Sanyojak J Nandakumar has demanded that the Kerala Government should declare the Moplah massacre as Hindu Genocide Day. Asserting that the Kerala Government should recognise the sufferings of the people, Nandakumar said, “It was a well-planned Hindu genocide in which more than 10,000 Hindus were massacred in one region. They were Hindus who refused to convert and so they were massacred.”  

He pointed out that the families of the 1921 Hindu genocide are suffering trans-generational trauma. “Their pain is unbearable when they see the mass murderers being recognised as freedom  fighters,” he added. 

Shri Nandakumar’s comments came while he was a special invitee at a seminal exhibition and homage meeting in Delhi. It was an occasion to mark Hindu Genocide Day (September 25). The exhibition commemorating 100 years of Malabar Hindu Genocide was inaugurated by VHP Working President Alok Kumar. 

According to Shri Nandakumar, a campaign has been underway to bring to light the real and untold stories of Hindu victims of genocide in Malabar in 1921 and to project the real face of the Khilafat Movement which is often touted as ‘a peasant uprising’ or ‘freedom movement’ by the Left-Islamist cabal. “Although the genocide was carried out over a period of 3-6 months, September 25 is being observed as the Hindu Genocide Day nationally, as on this day more than 40 innocent Hindus were slaughtered and thrown into a well at Thuvvur in Malappuram in a true Islamic State style for refusing to convert to Islam,” he added. Forget about recognising the pain and sufferings of the Hindus and their families, the Kerala Government is constructing memorials for the mass murderers. VK Haji, who led the mass murderers, is celebrated as a freedom fighter by the Communist Government of Kerala. 

In the Malappuram district of the Malabar area, there is not a single statue of any freedom fighter. In light of this development, Shri Nandakumar said, “We demand that the Kerala Government build a memorial to honour the memories of the victims of the 1921 Moplah Hindu genocide.” Currently, the Kerala Government is celebrating the memories of the mass murderers and providing them with all sorts of incentives. The mass murderers of the Moplah Hindu genocide were declared freedom fighters by the Communist government of Kerala. 


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