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I haven’t been to my house for the last 5 years just because of the fear of TMC goons says BJP SC leader Bhaskar Mandal #Interview

WebdeskJun 07, 2021, 01:44 PM IST

I haven’t been to my house for the last 5 years just because of the fear of TMC goons says BJP SC leader Bhaskar Mandal #Interview

From looting houses to setting offices ablaze to brutal killings and gang rapes of BJP workers, the party workers in West Bengal are left hapless with no support from the state police. Violence against BJP workers by Trinamool Congress workers is going unabated in the State of Vivekananda. In a heart-wrenching interview with Organiser Bengal BJP’s SC leader Bhaskar Mandal said that systematic attacks are taking place against the Hindus where Hindu houses are being looted and set on fire, their women are gang-raped, and they are forced to migrate from Bengal. Bhaskar Mandal says that the victims belong to the Hindu religion, which has voted for the BJP in the assembly elections. This involves physical and sexual attacks, destruction of houses, property. “Women have been singled out for most horrific terror and rapes. According to me around 2000 incidents of grievous bodily harm, the threat of rape, stripping and sexual violence took place in the post-poll violence. The horror is compounded by most of the victims being from the SC-ST community and extremely fragile economic sections in West Bengal,” he added. When asked by Organiser, who were the people involved in spreading the violence, were they belong to any particular political party or any community, and about Police’s intervention, Bhaskar Mandal replied that the “Islamic Jihadists are overly obvious in all these incidents and patterns. The attitudes of the state government and the administration on this gruesome and brutal violence that have been going on for so many days appear to be completely indifferent and despicable. There is an atmosphere of fear in society. Due to this fear and non-co-operation of the Bengal police, complaints against TMC workers are not being registered”. Bhaskar told Organiser that his house too was looted; I haven’t been to my house for the last 5 years just because of the fear of TMC goons; TMC leaders have also announced prize money of 10 lakhs for beheading my head. He also said that not just the party men but also Hindu families are being attacked just to support BJP. Bhaskar Mandal also said that Bengal is now becoming Kashmir; Bengali Hindus are facing the same exodus that once Kashmiri Pandits faced, they are living a worse life than Kashmiri Pandits, Bengali Hindus are also migrating to save their lives, till now more than 4,5 lakh people have migrated to the adjoining states of Assam, Odisha and Jharkhand due to fear of getting killed or attacked by hooligans supported by the ruling party of Bengal. The BJP leader also affirmed that the TMC goons are still torturing Hindus residing in the village in 144 Falta constituency, South 24 Pargana, predominantly a Muslim-dominated area. They also ransacked and looted their houses, which led Hindus to flee from the area in large numbers. When asked about the present situation in Bengal Bhaskar Mandal, after the election results, the violence against women has increased. The promise of protecting women in the state seems futile amidst the political turmoil enforcing barbaric murders and rapes. Recounting the horror, Bhaskar Mandal appealed to Governor Jagdeep Dhankar and PM Modi to save them and protect us Hindus from the atrocities heaped by CM Mamata and her party The BJP leader also urged the Courts, Mamata Banerjee government and the local administration to protect the citizens from the atrocities committed on them by the ruling party workers. “The people who were involved in the violence must be arrested at the earliest and given exemplary punishment. At the same time, the state government should Fastrack the mechanism to protect the Hindu society, compensate for the loss of life and property of the victims and rehabilitate them,” he added. Meanwhile, the Governor of West Bengal had urged Mamata Banerjee to get the law and order situation in the state under control at the earliest during Banerjee’s oath-taking ceremony.


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