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Global connection of Muslim brothers, No matter he stays in Assam, American or Palestinian!

WebdeskMay 23, 2021, 11:03 AM IST

Global connection of Muslim brothers, No matter he stays in Assam, American or Palestinian!

Now, the entire world accepts that problem is not Palestine, rather the problem is Islamic Jihad. Thousands of Muslim protesters marched and blindly support each and every Jihadi activity of Palestinians in all major European cities including London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome and Paris. Now it comes in Assam. Some so-called Miya supporter came forward in the support of Palestine! One of the Member of Parliament, Abdul khaleque wrote a letter to the Prime minister of India . Through the letter, he was highlighting the guilty of Israel. His point was Israel has once again attacked Palestine in the Gaza area. Israel, over the years, has been exploiting the sufferings of the people of Palestine in various form and launches military operation at the slightest pretext. India has always supported the independence of the Palestinian and their rights in the Gaza area. .But the present situation, action by the Israeli Military in Palestine has caused severe damage to both life and properties. Israeli authorities have been barbaric in their unprovoked actions on the Palestinian people over the years. They have been using the forces brutally to hit hard and do not hesitate to attack even civilian areas. Israel has been behaving like a rough state and the international community has collectively failed to assert the cause of Palestine. It is time for the international community to come united, which may and compel Israel to stop such misadventure in future and let peace prevail in the area. India should stand and speak for the people of Palestine as it has been doing over the years expose Israel in the international arena. I would request you use your clout and raise the concerns of the Palestinian people in the international forum in a way that Israel stands exposed for the acts committed. By doing so, we shall be able to stand with the Palestinian people as their true friend. But Mr. Khaleque are you know Mr. Khaleque, In total, over 1,700 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel since the start of the fighting? Why you are silent at that time? Muslims have clear agenda, we should support each other in times of crisis. It is also instruction in the Quran. It is a global connection of Muslim brothers. Do you know who is Abdul Khaleque? Yes, like Sherman Ali Ahmed, He also a Miya supporter. one year ago khaleque said that all immigrant Muslim inhabitants in the Brahmaputra Valley send their children to Assamese-medium schools. Areas like Jania, Bangbor and Chenga (in lower Assam), which are dominated by immigrant Muslims, do not have a single Bengali-medium school. he also added that the ancestors of the people living in Char-Chapori areas had migrated from the erstwhile East Bengal, which was an integral part of undivided India. Mr. Khaleque, What if this yearning for a separate identity will someday result in a demand by this particular population (Miya) of declaring themselves as a separate nation? After all, the system of separate electorates was the root cause behind the creation of Pakistan, if viewed in retrospect. This is a question worth asking by every rational mind. In much the same vein of thought, doesn’t a separate branch of Miya poetry or Miya language in itself, contain the seeds of separate nationhood that proudly disowns India and an Indian identity? It is also important that non-Muslims throughout the world study the Quran and concepts such as Al-Taqayya that are extremely important to the Islamic thought process so that the myths of “Islam stands for Peace” or “True Islam” or “Moderate Muslim” can be busted open for one and all. We need to conduct open and fearless debates on all aspects of Islam so that the Islamic victimhood mentality can be demystified and deconstructed in the earliest possible time frame. Are you know khaleque, as the intensity of the Jihad increased, Palestinian children and teenagers became more directly involved in terror attacks, especially suicide bombings. Are you know, Mr khaleque ,in Palestine, PNA ( (Palestinian National Authority)appointed clerics play a vital role in the unequivocal calls to violence. In this way, they create an environment for the New Islamic Cult of Martyrdom. Mr. Abdul Khaleque, kindly write a letter to PM of India for for Jihad activity in Palestinian. Muscularity never ends insurgencies, it needs sincere engagement, compromise within the expansive contours of the constitution and the ability to look beyond domestic political considerations. Right now, Netanyahu is only doing ‘more of the same’ formula that has failed for over 70 years.


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