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Fully vaccinated persons from India can enter Switzerland without COVID test, quarantine announces Swiss Government

WebdeskJun 29, 2021, 02:18 PM IST

Fully vaccinated persons from India can enter Switzerland without COVID test, quarantine announces Swiss Government

Zurich: Switzerland announces fully vaccinated Indians into the country with no test.


As Switzerland relaxed COVID-related restrictions from June 26, the government's Federal Council of Public Health has informed that persons from countries with a variant of concern like India, who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19, will be permitted entry with no negative test or quarantine.


However, people arriving from a country with a variant of the virus of concern will be permitted entry as long as the vaccination offers excellent protection. Those who have neither been vaccinated nor have recovered must present a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test and go into quarantine on entry, said the Federal Council.


This means that persons who have been vaccinated or those who have recovered do not have to produce a negative test even when traveling from countries where the Delta variant is widespread (such as India or the United Kingdom) and do not have to quarantine on entry.


"The vaccines used in Switzerland are only slightly less effective against the Delta variant and thus still offer a very high level of protection," said the Council.


The Swiss government has also announced that it will permit COVID certificates as supporting documents in international travel and areas of application in the country.


In an FAQ, Switzerland's Federal Council of Public Health said that: "From 1 July, the federal government works on the assumption that anyone who wants a COVID certificate will have received one. From this date, only COVID certificates will be permitted as supporting documents for the areas of application in Switzerland. This applies to cases set out in the COVID-19 Special Situation Ordinance, so e.g. events, cinemas, theatres, and restaurants if they wish to restrict entry to those who are vaccinated, have tested negative or recovered."


"In international travel and in the context of contact quarantine, alternative supporting documents are still possible," it added. Children can also be issued with a COVID certificate of testing or recovery. The certificates of all family members can be stored in a single app, according to the Council.


A COVID certificate permits people to resume specific activities and proves that they are virus-free or highly unlikely to be infected.


The usage of the COVID certificate is not planned in the ordinance in everyday settings such as public transit, stores, workplaces, and training institutions, according to the Federal Council's line of action.


Settings, where the certificate will be a condition, include international passenger transport, major events, and nightclubs of dance events.


On June 23, the Federal Council had relaxed the requirements for entering Switzerland from Saturday after a decrease in new infections. Persons entering from the Schengen area will no longer be required to quarantine. According to the Council, citizens from nations such as the United States, Albania, and Serbia can re-enter Switzerland.


Meanwhile, in Switzerland, working from home and wearing masks outside will no longer be required., and restaurants will again be allowed to seat as many people together as they wish. Large-scale events with COVID certificates will be allowed to take place without restrictions on capacity or the number of people present.


"Case numbers and hospital admissions because of COVID-19 are continuing to fall sharply. In addition, around half of the adult population will be fully vaccinated by the end of the month. However, caution is still warranted," said the Federal Council.


Shops, leisure, and sporting facilities will fully use their available capacity. Water parks may also reopen. However, a restriction of two-thirds' capacity will apply to events and venues where no COVID certificate is required.


For events that do not require a COVID certificate, the rule states that up to 1,000 people can attend an event indoors or outdoors, and up to two-thirds of the venue's capacity can be utilized.


The limitations for private gatherings remain the same, i.e., only 30 people inside and 50 people outside.





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