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French Girl, Whose Complaint Sparked Protest Against Samuel Paty, Admits to Lying

WebdeskMar 10, 2021, 12:00 AM IST

French Girl, Whose Complaint Sparked Protest Against Samuel Paty, Admits to Lying

French schoolgirl, whose complaint sparked a protest against teacher Samuel Paty, has admitted to lying about the incident.   Paty was beheaded by Abdullah Anzorov, a Muslim migrant.   The girl had told her parents that Paty had asked the Muslim students to move out of the class as he was going to show a depiction of Prophet Muhammad.   Now, the girl has admitted that she was not in the class that day. She had been suspended from school a few days before.   Based on their daughter’s account, the parents had started an online campaign against Paty.   Paty was teaching the class about free speech and tolerance and had asked the students to close their eyes if they felt offended.   He was taking the class on free speech for many years.   His beheading shocked the world.   French President Emanuel Macron attended the prayer service for Paty. Recently, France tabled a new bill in its parliament to check the growing radicalisation in the country.   Although the bill doesn’t mention any religion specifically, the Muslims are protesting against the bill.


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