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Exclusive- Muslim Leader Registering Village after Village Along the State Border in Murshidabad

WebdeskApr 26, 2021, 10:50 AM IST

Exclusive- Muslim Leader Registering Village after Village Along the State Border in Murshidabad

As the West Bengal poll reached its 7th lap, elections would be held in two Muslim-dominated border districts namely Maldah and Murshidabad. Both these districts are Congress bastions with LEFTs & Trinamool having their shares of seats. Out of 12 seats of Maldah, 6 are represented by Congress, 2 by LEFTs, 2 BJP, 1 TMC & 1 an independent candidate. Out of 22 Murshidabad seats, 12 are with Congress, 4 LEFTs & 6 with TMC. Maldah, Murshidabad being bastions of trans-border crimes is not more breaking news. The 2 districts' crime economy caters to the underworld of not only India but also abroad. Would it be illogical guessing Congress Party as a major beneficiary of Maldah, Murshidabad’s crime proceeds? Such guesswork corroborates with P Chidambaram’s recent assertions. Socio-politico-economic class of Mamata Banerjee and Chidambaram varied widely. Super-snob Chidambaram hardly ever spoke for Mamata Banerjee who hailed from a Kolkata slum. However, when poll in Murshidabad was shortly ahead, even P Chidambaram became vocal in support of Mamata Banerjee being critical of PM Modi’s “Didi, O Didi” jibe as ‘taunting a lady'. As West Bengal’s crime proceeds reach places, corruption-man Chidambaram’s raising voice in Mamata’s support is hardly devoid of political significance. If West Bengal slips off from the electoral grip of the Congress-Communist ecosystem, it matters to all starting from the likes of Abhishek Banerjee to the likes of Amartya Sen via the likes of P Chidambaram & Mahammad Salim. West Bengal Poll thus is a matter of global interest. In 2019 Loksabha, why did Sonia Gandhi place Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury as opposition leader while leaders of Manish Tiwari’s & Shashi Tharoor’s stature were present in her cupboard? Would it be wrong to contemplate Adhir Chowdhury was chosen for his consistent yield from Murshidabad? In selecting the opposition leader, did Sonia choose ability or monetary yield? Unconfirmed news leaked from sources that certain candidate & Muslim leader of perhaps Beldanga, Murshidabad has purchased enormous solid properties along the border & got them registered for benaamdaars on war footing just last month. He’s afraid he won’t be able to register village after village once West Bengal’s power corridor be Saffronized. He’s alleged to have asked Government Officials to hand over the property deeds post-poll so that pre-poll hype couldn’t be created on such sensational stuff. However, if such unconfirmed news happens to be true, and if such properties are not confiscated, such leaders would be able to orchestrate infiltration in their personal capacity as village after village along the border would then be their personal properties. And infiltration through Murshidabad, Maldah is a prime modus operandi of much-talked-about Ghazwa-e-Hind. West Bengal’s border crimes are now under investigation by agencies like CBI, ED, NIA. Would Murshidabad’s criminals & their controlling figures be able to escape the grip of law? Or would some symbiotic deal at the topmost power corridor be worked out for face-saving of certain influentials? While wishing a speedy recovery to Adhir Chowdhury from COVID, PM Modi’s referring to him as ’Adhir’da’ stirred up a lot of speculations. Doesn’t such ‘personal touch' in PM’s reference to Adhir Chowdhury have any political significance, especially before Murshidabad Poll? All eyes on Murshidabad.


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