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Eunuchs in Rajasthan contributes with open hearts for Ram Temple in Ayodhya

WebdeskFeb 02, 2021, 11:56 AM IST

Eunuchs in Rajasthan contributes with open hearts for Ram Temple in Ayodhya

Jaipur: As Shikhandi (a eunuch in Mahabharat character) in the great Indian epic holds a significant and respectable role, the eunuchs in Rajasthan have pledged to connect with the great Ram Story and hence are donating with open hearts to contribute in the making of grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, which they say, is a great emotional moment for them as Bhagwan Ram blessed them centuries back saying that they shall have good time coming in for them during Kalyug. As a payback gesture, around 20 transgenders from the state have donated lakhs of amount to ensure they become a part of the Ram temple story and add more to their good deeds. On the call of Ram Jamnbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Ayodhya, Rekha bhuaji, a eunuch from Mewar region, donated Rs 5,111,11. Speaking to IANS, she says,“This is a historic time and hence people from all sections and society should connect for the making of this holy temple. I pray to God that the entire Bharat stand united for this temple construction. I wish Lord Rama shower blessings for prosperous India.” Similarly, Kiranbai, another eunuch from Beowar , donated Rs 3,21,000 as her part of contribution with a dream that a grand Ram Temple shall come up in Ayodhya and it shall further bring in Ram Rajya. Mamta from Charbhuja in Rajsamand is the third eunuch in line to stand up for donating Rs 1,51,000. She also made an appeal to the local residents to come in big numbers for this cause and contribute in the making of the historic Ram Temple. “My heart pushed me to do something which I myself am proud of. I have collected funds after dancing and singing in weddings. When people started talking of Ram temple, I decided I have to donate over and above Rs 1 lakh for the great cause,” she further added. Sharing a text from Ramayan, she said, “Hope you are aware that Lord Rama had blessed us after returning from exile on the banks of Saryu and said, “O Great eunuchs of Ayodhya, I am greatly touched by your devotion. May your breed prevail in free Bharata,” he had said. Speaking of the story, she says, “When Bhagwan Ram was sent for exile, people of Ayodhya, male and female came to Saryu river to bid him goodbye. Tears were rolling down their cheeks and hence Rama said, “My brothers and sisters please go home now. I will come back after fourteen years”. On his return from exile after 14 years, he was surprised to see a small group of people huddled there and their hair and beard were long and grey and nails had turned black and uncut, Bhagwan Ram asked them why they waited for so many years without returning to Ayodhya. They replied “O Rama, when you bid goodbye, you said ‘my brothers and sisters’ go home. But we are neither male nor female- we are the eunuchs of Ayodhya and thus you didn’t bid us goodbye, nor did you tell us to go back home. So we have been standing here all this while, waiting for your return”. At that time, Bhagwan Ram said, “You will have good times in Kalyuga and this is how we are having good times. We have equal rights as that of other genders and have nothing to lose now,” she says adding, “we will surely go to Ayodhya once the temple construction is complete to thank him for everything he gave us.” Another eunuch, Riya Kumari from Kumher has donated Rs 101000 for the noble cause. She says, “Our heart is always inclined towards Bhagwan Ram and hence we donated funds for the noble cause of temple building. Although ours is a secret donation, this time, a receipt was given to us due to which people came to know about the donation amount,” she says. Going further, Aarti, another eunuch from Sanwariyaji donated Rs 51,000 on behalf of Kinnar Samaj Akhada Sanwariyaji. All of them said that they were waiting with baited breath for the court’s verdict and soon after the verdict, they are now waiting for the time when they can go to temple and offer their thanks to the Lord who had blessed their communities centuries back! With the blessings of Bhagwan Ram , we have got a PM like Narendra Modi who gave equal rights to us to work, study and live. This is what we call our good times, they said.


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