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Digvijaya Singh makes news on Art 370; but is the timing not important ?

WebdeskJun 13, 2021, 11:34 AM IST

Digvijaya Singh makes news on Art 370; but is the timing not important ?

Digvijaya Singh, a senior Congressman, may not have had one of those public tantrums against Article 370 that the neta class is known for. It's also important to pay attention to the timing.
Dreaming about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's exit, a leading Pak newspaper in an article rejoices tough challenges for the former US President Donald Trump and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.
After all, certain happenings and rhetoric more often reflect the dream project of a particular variety of thought processes. Here the dream is not that ambitious; it is to get rid of the 'Modi regime'.
Remember Mani Shankar Aiyar, the illustrious Congress leader and known for his affinity to Sonia Gandhi-Rahul duo.
He was emphatic in the year 2015 itself and had said that Pakistan should get rid of Modi as India's Prime Minister."Bring us (the Congress) back to power and remove them. There is no other way (to improve the Indo-Pak relations) ).We will remove them, but till then you (Pakistan) have to wait," Aiyar had said on Nov 17, 2015, to a Pakistani TV channel.
Now close on the heels of Digvijaya's outbursts, BJP IT cell chief, Amit Malviya said in a missive: "In a Club House chat, Rahul Gandhi's top aide Digvijaya Singh tells a Pakistani journalist that if Congress comes to power they will reconsider the decision of abrogating Article 370…Really? Yehi toh Pakistan Chahta hae (This is what Pakistan wants)".
Back in power, Digvijaya Singh told a Pakistani journalist (whose recording went viral) that the Congress party would reconsider the Modi Government's decision to abolish Article 370 and split Jammu and Kashmir.
As stated above, the timing is vital.
Just a few days back (June 8, 2021) an article published in the Pakistani newspaper 'Dawn' expressed a hope that "Excellent chances exist for the script to work against the BJP."
The piece claims UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath faces challenges in Uttar Pradesh polls due in March 2022.
The piece also advises opposition parties such as Congress and the Communists to work collectively with others to defeat the BJP.
"After the drubbing in recent polls, the Congress and the Left have an opportunity to unconditionally support local groups in UP and retrieve their lost appeal," the article runs.
It further says: "When India’s most populous state changes hands, it could also decide the opposition’s chances of dethroning the prime minister (Modi) in 2024 just as it critically helped him win power in 2014 and again in 2019".
The article from Dawn's New Delhi correspondent Jawed Naqvi says, "A useful pointer to Narendra Modi’s political quandary lies in the clear chance that his party (BJP) could be defeated in Uttar Pradesh in elections due in March"."Two of Modi’s most egregious right-wing mates are down but not necessarily out — Donald Trump in the US and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. Both were accused of grossly mishandling the Covid-19 outbreak in their countries,"Naqvi wrote in reference to two globally popular right-wing leaders.
The writer has been also hopeful - "The coalition in Israel that has come together with the sole purpose of keeping Netanyahu out, and to probably make him face criminal charges pending before the courts, may achieve this laudable goal in the end".
The piece also refers to Brazil and throws light on the political future of Brazil's incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro.
"There's some good news for genuine democracy though. Should there be a change in Brazil, where Modi's friend Jair Bolsonaro appears to be on a sticky wicket, his potential challenger Lula da Silva could defeat him next year," it says.





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