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Deceased Aaj Tak Executive Editor Rohit Sardana Target of Fake News, Miscreants Falsely Claim He Has Huge Wealth

WebdeskMay 26, 2021, 04:09 PM IST

Deceased Aaj Tak Executive Editor Rohit Sardana Target of Fake News, Miscreants Falsely Claim He Has Huge Wealth

Aaj Tak Executive Editor Rohit Sardana, who passed away last month, is now the target of fake news peddlers. Videos and images are being circulated by the fake news peddlers implying that he owned many luxury cars, huge bungalows and property. The images being shown are of Mercedes and BMW cars, luxury bikes and huge palatial bungalows. His family took to twitter to correct the misleading information. Family tweeted from Rohit Sardana’s Twitter account, “डूंडाहेड़ा यानि क्रासिंग रिपब्लिक में 1450 Sq.Ft का EMI पर फ्लैट है।गाड़ियो के नाम पर EMI पर क्रेटा है।सम्पत्ति दो बेटियां और करोड़ों लोगों का अथाह प्यार। दयाभाव नहीं चाहिए पर ऐसे जानेवाले को बदनाम ना करें जिसने VIP कैटेगरी में जाकर वैक्सीन तक लगवाना गवारा ना किया.” (The family claimed Sardana has one car and one flat, both on EMI, for immovable property and two daughters and immense love of people.) Rohit Sardana, 42, passed away on April 30 following a massive cardiac arrest. He was undergoing treatment for Covid-19. Coming from a very humble background in Haryana, Sardana made it big in the media world through his hard work and talent. His death was cheered by the Islamists and anti-India forces. They have been cosistently engaged in the character assassination of Sardana.


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