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CPI-Maoists suffered a major setback in Jharkhand; 15 Maoists surrendered in Chhattisgarh

WebdeskAug 31, 2021, 10:47 AM IST

CPI-Maoists suffered a major setback in Jharkhand; 15 Maoists surrendered in Chhattisgarh

Communists led Maoists have suffered major setbacks in two states, where they have commendable grip: Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.


CPI-Maoists have suffered a major setback in Jharkhand. Notorious Maoist and Zonal Commander Maharaj Pramanik has surrendered before Jharkhand Police. After surrendering, Maharaj is being questioned at secret hideouts in Ranchi. It should be noted that after Patiram Manjhi was given charge of the Saranda area, there was resentment among the tribal leaders in the Maoist organisation. There were speculations that Maharaj might surrender because of the increasing interference of outside Maoists in the organisation.

A reward of ₹ 10 lakh was announced on Maharaj Pramanik. In fact, recently, Maharaj Pramanik was declared a fugitive by his own organisation. The Maoists had also issued a decree to punish him by holding a Jan Adalat, accusing him of treason. The members associated with the organisation were also ordered to keep their distance from him. Maharaj Pramanik had actually come under the target of his own organisation. While on the one hand, the terrorists of the Maoist organisation were engaged in his search, on the other hand, the security forces were also looking for Maharaj Pramanik. In such a situation, it was believed that if Maharaj did not surrender before the security forces, then his death was certain. Perhaps this is the reason why he chose the path of surrender. It has also come to the fore that he was also in touch with the police for the last several days. It is worth noting that this notorious Maoist of Jharkhand has been involved in killing eight police officers. Pramanik is accused of being involved in the killing of five police officers in Seraikela and three police officers in Chaibasa.

Along with killing the police personnel, he is also accused of being involved in many other terrorist activities. However, in view of the threat to Maharaj's life from the Maoists, now the policemen have to protect him. Since the surrender of Maharaj Pramanik, the security agencies are collecting information after interrogating him. Such information has come to the fore that the police have got important clues from Maharaj about many hideouts of Maoists.

According to information received from the sources, the surrendered Maoists have informed the police about the activities of the members of the Maoist squad operating in the Kolhan area. Apart from this, Maharaj has also informed the police about the source who supplied gunpowder, arms, cartridges to the Maoists.

Maharaj Pramanik, a resident of Daduda village under Ichagarh police station in Kharsawan-Seraikela district, is accused of leaving the organisation on August 14 with Rs 40 lakh, an AK 47 rifle, 150 bullets, 9 mm pistol, mobile, tablet and walkie. - Talkie. He had strong clout in the local tribal group, and now his surrender has dealt a major blow to the Maoists in the South Chota Nagpur region.

In Chhattisgarh's Maoist-affected Bastar division, the security forces have achieved major success against the Maoist terrorist organisation. On Thursday (August 26), 15 Maoists, including four women Maoists, surrendered before police and CRPF officials in Sukma district. These 15 Maoists, who were actively working under the Phulbagdi police station area of Sukma district, reached Kerala Pal police station along with about a dozen villagers, where they surrendered to the police and CRPF.

According to the information received from the district police, out of 15 Maoists who surrendered, crimes are registered against 13 in different district police stations. Some of them are also facing serious charges like attempt to murder and murder. All these surrendered Maoists will be given benefits under the relief and rehabilitation schemes run by the government. The district police officials also said that how the villagers encouraged these Maoists to surrender in such large numbers shows the local people have been disillusioned with the Red terror ideology.

Those who surrendered have been identified as Madvi Hidma, Rava Devi, Rava Bheem, Rava Deva, Sodi Saresh, Rava Soni, Dudhi Bandi, and Muchaki Hanga, Sodi Ayta, Rava Bheem, Sodi Gangi, Sodi Dule, Sodi Nanda and Rava Joga. Some of these surrendered Maoists were active as militia members, village committee members, DAKAMS, KMS and Sangham members.

Significantly, the number of Maoists who surrendered in the last few months has increased. In another similar development, the Militia Commander-in-Chief of the Katekalyan Area Committee of the Maoist terrorist organisation has surrendered in Dantewada. The surrendered Maoist has been identified as Budhara.


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